Why Does My Dog Bury Treats In My Bed? All You Need to Know

You might be asking why and what you can do if your dog keeps hiding its goodies and bones. This post will show you frequent reasons Why Does My Dog Bury Treats In My Bed? and what you can do to get them to stop.

So, why does my dog hide its treats and bones? Your dog may hide treats and bones out of possessiveness, nausea, overfeeding, nature, or because they have discovered that the activity is rewarded. Other factors may be contributing to the problem. However, there are several factors you can take into account when determining the primary causes, and there are numerous things you can do to address them.

Why Does My Dog Bury Treats In My Bed?

This kind of “burying” also shows how much we want to protect and defend things that are significant to us. Many dogs bury things and are, in a sense, hoarders, though some do it more often than others. They want to keep these special things somewhere safe so they can enjoy them in the future.

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In summary, dogs hide treats for various reasons, including lack of appetite, discomfort when chewing, desire to consume later, or disinterest in the treat. Dogs are accustomed to storing food for later, so if you offer them something you don’t want them to have right away, they will bury it.

That explains why a dog might, for example, bury something in a yard hole. Why dogs frequently bury treats in your bed is not defined. But if you take into account a few things, it makes perfect sense:

  • It’s the only area in a house where you can bury things. Your dog shouldn’t be able to or be allowed to pull up the carpet. The tile is impervious to your dog’s digging. However, your dog may bury anything in a blanket or a couch’s cushions. Dogs frequently “bury” items in soft materials like cloth since they are unable to use any other means of concealment. For them, it makes perfect sense.
  • Usually, your dog is accustomed to the bed. They are familiar with it and will recall it as a safe location. Additionally, it makes it natural that they conceal their sweets in a spot familiar to them since they don’t specifically have regulations prohibiting nibbling in bed.
  • The bed is frequently bare. Your dog has the ideal opportunity to hide items throughout the day because perhaps nobody is in the bedroom. Of course, it’s possible that your dog won’t consider that you’re going to go home and go to bed.

Therefore, even though it may irritate or amuse you, a dog would make sense in making that choice. 

Why Is My Dog Hiding Its Bones?

Say your dog has suddenly started hiding bones after never doing so before. As we’ve already discussed, there are numerous reasons a dog might hide something. However, a dog has fewer causes to start concealing things overnight.

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It could not feel secure. Dogs are especially vulnerable when chewing on a bone when they are eating. Your dog will hide its bones rather than eat them if it suddenly feels threatened or if other dogs have been stealing its possessions.

  • It might not feel right. For example, if your dog has a toothache, it might not want to chew on the bone right now. It will bury the bone instead since it isn’t willing to give it up. Oversee your dog to see whether it appears to be ill.
  • It might not be starving. Your dog might not feel like eating as much if you’re giving it extra food or if it has just slowed down with age and may choose to hoard its bones rather than consume them.
  • Maybe it doesn’t want the bone. A dog may still bury a bone even if it finds it to be rotten or otherwise unfavourable. In addition to not enjoying it for the future, it doesn’t want it to draw in additional predators.

Dogs often hide their bones for other dogs to find. It’s possible that your dog didn’t consider it or didn’t have the want to. It’s basically nothing to worry about for the most part. However, you should remove your dog’s bones before it hides them because dogs should never be left alone with unattended bones.

Why Does My Dog Hide Food Around The House?

For the same reason they hide treats and bones, dogs also conceal food throughout the house. Dogs are wolves. They are also scavengers, though. Hunting is challenging. Dogs will attempt to preserve as much of the meat they have harvested. Burying it is their major method of doing this.

Dogs, therefore, bury food that they don’t want to eat. They may bury it if they aren’t hungry, don’t like the food, or don’t want other animals (like other dogs) to eat it because they don’t want them to.

If your dog is hiding food, you can be giving it too frequently, or you might be giving it food that it doesn’t enjoy. The solution is to remove the food before your dog eats it all and perhaps try different brands. A visit to the doctor may be necessary if your dog is suddenly hiding food and not eating much.

How To Stop This Behavior?

Teaching pups how to play properly from an early age is one of the best methods to stop these bad tendencies. The following advice should be considered when allowing puppies access to forbidden items like shoes, socks, or children’s toys.

Why Does My Dog Bury Treats In My Bed

Playtime Can Help You Train Your Dog

Offer suitable toys, frequently play, teach your dog the “give” command so that he learns to give the toys back, and designate a convenient location for the toys to be kept. Whenever you notice a hoarding situation, call your dog. Reward them with a goodie when they return. Follow the desirable practices listed below:

  • Keep your pet’s toys where your dog can get to.
  • Put a missing toy back where it belongs if you find one.
  • When your dog brings a toy back, praise him and play with him.
  • Use rewards to reinforce good behaviour as you teach your dog to put its toys in a specific location in your house.

Put Away Objects Your Dog May Want To Hide

Think about keeping some things out of your dog’s line of sight or reach. Or permit them to use these goods just when you are around. Naito advises, for instance, letting your dog chew on a bone in an area where it can’t be hidden.

Give Only A Few Toys Or Sweets

Dogs bury stuff when there is a surplus. Rotate your dog’s access to only one or two toys at a time if you have many of them.

Control Eating Habits

When your dog is still learning, think about installing a barrier or baby gate to prevent them from taking its food elsewhere.

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Final Verdict

These were some important things discussed related to Why Does My Dog Bury Treats In My Bed? Many dogs frequently hide their toys in addition to their treats. Their primary motivation for doing this is an inclination that they have inherently.

Before becoming domesticated, in the wild, dogs would have buried extra food to store it away for later and keep it away from other animals. Wolves and dogs in the wild both live and hunt in groups. It’s common for those at the bottom of the food chain to guard the food they do manage to obtain rather than fight the alpha for it.

They have developed it as a survival technique to ensure they always have enough to eat. Even though your dog might not have to seek food or face competition from other animals, the instinct is still present.

It might also indicate that you’re giving your dog too much to eat. When you give your dog a treat, if they don’t want it right away, they can store it aside for later, hoarding it like a squirrel stores nuts for the winter.

To avoid overfeeding your dog, you should be mindful of how much you feed him. While some dogs will stow away any extra treats, others might devour them, resulting in obesity. Your dog may also conceal treats out of worry. If you have a rescue dog, it can be because of unpleasant experiences in the past. To put your dog at peace, discussing these behaviors with your veterinarian or trainer will be crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes dogs to bury objects in blankets?

Anything that a dog considers valuable may be buried, not simply food. This results from their innate desire to safeguard and defend treasured items.

Why is my dog attempting to bury my child?

Because their ancestors modeled this behavior for them, your dog tries to bury your child. Their ancestors frequently cached food in the wild to prevent it from being stolen by other predators. To safeguard their valuables from danger, modern dogs often bury or hide them.

Where do dogs lay their bones can they remember?

Dogs have both spatial and associative memories, which are helpful when looking for buried bones. They can recall precisely where they buried a bone thanks to their spatial memory, and associative memory serves as a memory jogger in case they miss any more delicate details.

What attracts dogs to their beds?

It’s an instinct for dogs to dig at their beds to create a cozy, warm area to sleep down, which is why practically all dogs do it.

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