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Are you in texas and want to know Where To Go On Vacation In Texas With A Dog? Texas weekend vacations with accommodations for pets are best taken throughout the fall. Finally, the temperature is dropping, but not to the point where you need to prepare winter clothing.

Daytime hiking improves from tolerable to enjoyable and safer for you and your dog. When it gets dark, the temperature drops enough to call for a comfortable campfire under the stars, where you can roast marshmallows or cuddle up with your dog.

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Fortunately, San Antonio can quickly drive to many beautiful places to explore. You’ll find it here if you’re looking for luxury in a cabin, the great outdoors, or everything in between. Pack your luggage, jump in the car, and head to one of these three Texas pet-friendly weekend getaways if quarantine and the hot summer months have you feeling pent up and restless.

You might be surprised by how hospitable Texas cities are. All around Texas, there are activities for you and your pet to enjoy all year long, including events and attractions that feature or are designed just for pets.

Places To Visit In Texas


West of Houston, this island community welcomes visitors all year round. Among the sites where you and your dog can run around freely are East Beach and Fort Travis Seashore Park, even though you both could like window shopping on Post Office Street or Seawall Boulevard.

Port Aransas

Port Aransas is another island community that cherishes canines. Go for a stroll at Roberts Point Park. Or let your dog run free on San Jose Island, but watch out for snakes! And if you all get hungry, Port Aransas has a ton of pet-friendly eateries!


You can do some great activities with your dog in this thriving small city. Dogs on leashes are permitted on all of the preserve’s trails. But your dog might feel extra special at the Fire Museum of Texas. Check out the fire hydrant, which is 24 feet tall, for some fantastic photographs. Additionally, you ought to check out October Fest if you’re in town in October.


In Amarillo, take a journey with your dog down the legendary Route 66. On your route to one of the many dog parks, such as the two-acre John Stiff Memorial Dog Park, stop at Cadillac Ranch. Additionally, if you and your partner enjoy camping, visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park to see “The Grand Canyon of Texas.”

Where To Go On Vacation In Texas With A Dog?

The majority of pet-friendly locations in this region are those that will bring visitors and their four-legged companions closer to nature. These are fantastic locations to temporarily escape the hectic daily life and recharge in peaceful settings.

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The Retreat Home

People who enjoy going through social media, namely Instagram, have surely noticed the tiny cabins dotted over the country. There are three outposts of Get-Away House in Texas, and they are all just a short drive from San Antonio. One is a 4.5 hours drive from San Antonio and is just outside of Dallas.

The second is located outside Houston, around a three-hour trip from San Antonio, and the third is in Wimberley, outside Austin, roughly a one-hour drive from San Antonio. Even though these cabins are genuinely in the middle of nowhere, each one includes a comfy queen bed that will allow you a restful night’s sleep and breathtaking views to wake up to.

They also have a small kitchen with everything one could need to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as well as a bathroom with a toilet and a shower that are entirely functional. Pets are welcome at this retreat, and there is an additional flat fee of $40 to cover the cleaning expense. This retreat area offers food, water dishes, puppy s’mores kits, and an outside place where visitors can let their pets roam free.

13 Acres Retreat

Visitors could take into account the 13 Acres Retreat for a vacation that is significantly more in tune with nature. It takes an hour and a half to drive from San Antonio to the little cabins situated on 13 Acres Retreat, located just outside Dripping Springs.

Each cabin comes equipped with a heater, air conditioning, a cozy bed with clean bedding for a good night’s sleep, a tiny coffee maker for early mornings, and stunning views of the Texas hill country. They utilize two on-site composting toilets at this cabin. They are beautifully and comfortably furnished, kept clean for good hygiene, and relatively safe and should not intimidate the visitor.

Additionally, they offer a water cooler where visitors may fill up their water bottles (it is advised to bring one), a sink with running water to wash their hands and dishes, and a hot shower. The outdoor shower can be a little chilly when visiting in the winter.

Lost Maples State Natural Area Campground

Only a two-hour drive from San Antonio, the Lost Maples State Natural Area is renowned for being one of the few locations where visitors can see the stunning fall foliage. Since the leaves only start to change color until the temperatures drop, which is often in mid-October or the first few days of November, this retreat requires the right timing.

Getting in touch with the park personally and inquiring about their autumn vegetation report is recommended because Texas weather is frequently unpredictable. Lost Maples begins to bustle with various events at the height of the fall season.

It is advised to reserve a site in the camp up to a year in advance to ensure availability. Access to this location has been restricted since the inception of COVID, and visitors are needed to reserve camping and day pass online or by calling customer service.

Though the fall is the location’s prime time to visit, Lost Maples is worth the trip any time of year. Many activities are available, including stunning routes over 10 miles long and a loop that follows the top of a 2,200-foot cliff.

Additionally, there are 50 basic campsites that visitors can hike to if they choose, as well as 30 campsites with running water and electricity. These utilize sanitary composting toilets as well. For those who do not appreciate camping, a day trip to Lost Maples can be substituted for an overnight stay. 

Where To play?

According to the adage, everything is bigger in Texas, and that is also true of the dog-friendly playgrounds. We have unearthed the top 5 dog-friendly spots in Texas!

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Pedernales Falls State Park

One of Texas’s best dog-friendly state parks is Pedernales Falls State Park, situated near Johnson City, about 30 miles west of Austin. The park’s name comes from the picturesque waterfall on the Pedernales River, surrounded by rough hills.

Your dog is allowed in the park if they are always on a leash. Baxter can take a stroll along one of the park’s many pathways. These include the half-mile Twin Falls Nature Trail, which leads to an observation deck with a view of the falls. Remember that pets and their owners are not allowed on the falls.

When exploring Pedernales Falls State Park, keep an eye out for local bird species, including greater roadrunners, green kingfishers, and peregrine falcons. Take a plunge in the Pedernales River after your stroll. Flash flooding, which is frequent in the area, should be avoided if you intend to swim.

Park On Galveston Island, Texas

There is no better park along the coast than Galveston Island State Park, making the Gulf Coast “pawfect” for road vacations with a dog. You and Fido may enjoy the over 2,000 acres of immaculate beaches and marshlands at Galveston Island State Park, which is only an hour from Houston. Follow a trail that winds around the park or stroll along the beach. The 0.5-mile Egret Loop and the 0.8-mile Prairie Trail are two well-liked paths.

Galveston Island is a popular destination for birdwatchers because of its proximity to the water. The park is home to dozens of species, including crested caracaras, ospreys, and great blue herons. Additionally, there are numerous paddling trails and a ton of fishing options. The guidelines are straightforward: stay away from the swimming areas and always keep your dog on a lead.

Dog Park In Northpark

Visit the Northbark Dog Park to find one of Texas’ most excellent dog-friendly parks. This “pawpular” park has more than 22 acres where dogs are allowed to run free. Northpark Dog Park is a canine’s heaven with its large open fields and shady woodland sections. Play a game of frisbee or take your dog on a trip along the 6-mile loop trail. Let Sparky splash around in the dog-friendly lake once they’ve built a good sweat.

Waste stations, water bowls, and a dog shower are among the helpful amenities available at NorthBark Dog Park in case Scoob gets filthy. Once your dog has had enough exercise, take a nap at the pavilion and have a picnic there.

The National Seashore Of Padre Island

Padre Island National Seashore, a barrier island off the coast of Corpus Christi, is a fantastic vacation spot for dogs. Over 70 miles of pristine beaches, prairies, and other areas make up this park. This one is the world’s largest barrier island, still in its natural state.

Your dog is welcome to explore this lovely park with you as long as they are always on a leash. Additionally, they are not permitted on the deck of the Malaquite Pavilion or in any buildings.

At Padre Island National Seashore, there are many enjoyable things to do. Take a hike around the trails or a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Beach driving is a distinctive pastime where you can drive your off-road vehicle down this enormous barrier island.

If you’d rather unwind, try fishing at an approved location or go for a stroll down the shore and some beachcombing. This is one of the best dog-friendly road trip sites in Texas because pets are also allowed to camp with you there.

McAllister Dog Park

McAllister Dog Park is one of the top off-leash dog parks in San Antonio, with a 1.5-acre dog run and a ton of fun things to keep your pet happy. You won’t have to worry about your timid Shih Tzu playing with a noisy Border Collie because there are distinct off-leash zones for small and large dogs.

Bella would undoubtedly enjoy herself at this park! Tennis balls, balancing beams, tunnels, and much more are available to keep your dog occupied. The “ultimatum” venue for Max to demonstrate their agility talents is on the doggo playground. Additionally, McAllister Park has several dog-friendly pathways that are between 0.5 and 6 miles long. Visit the shady picnic spot when you need to escape the Texas summer heat.

Where To Eat?

In Lone Star State, a few restaurants allow dogs in every major city. The majority of Texas’s top dog-friendly restaurants are found in Texas’ major eastern cities, including Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Amarillo, El Paso, and McAllen all have a ton of choices as well. Most of them include patio seating for you and your dog and serve everything from traditional Tex-Mex to beer and burgers.

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Some of the top dog-friendly restaurants in Texas can be found in cities like Austin and Houston. These establishments even have doggie menus, so your dog may indulge in a delightful treat as you indulge in regional specialties. Austin, in particular, boasts more dog-friendly restaurants than any other city in the state, and some of them even have a dog park right next door so your dog can run off some energy before relaxing in the shade with a Scooby snack.

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Final Verdict

With thousands of miles of the open road, dozens of fascinating cities, and many pet-friendly campgrounds, Texas is one of the best states for road trips. There are plenty of thrills in the Lone Star State, whether you want to visit the picturesque Texas Gulf Coast or the barren Texas Panhandle. If you are examining Where To Go On Vacation In Texas With A Dog? some of the best Texas road trip destinations for you and your canine companion are listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Texas, are dogs permitted in stores?

Dogs on leashes are welcome in the communal spaces the most excellent outlet shopping, with 140 retailers in a lovely outdoor setting. Dogs on leashes are welcome in the communal spaces.

Can I bring my dog to a state park in Texas?

Your pet must always be in your presence. You are not allowed to leave your pet unattended in a car, at your campsite, or a park. A state park is not the place for an obnoxious or aggressive dog. All state park structures are pet-free zones.

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