Where To Board My Old Dog In Pittsburgh Pa? Read This First

If you live outside and can’t carry your dog with you, you might ask Where To Board My Old Dog In Pittsburgh Pa?

You’ve found the ideal location if you’re seeking an all-inclusive boarding kennel that will care for your dog, no matter how large or small, how old or young, with all the comforts of home. In the center of Plum Borough, just minutes from Pittsburgh, lies Airy Pines Boarding Kennel, which offers four fenced-in acres for your dog to play.

For more than 30 years, the family-run Airy Pines Boarding Kennel has provided care for “man’s best friend.” Both our four-legged guests and their two-legged parents receive outstanding care from their devoted, well-trained team. Your dog will have the time of their lives making new friends and having fun, whether staying for doggie daycare or boarding.

Where To Board My Old Dog In Pittsburgh Pa?


For pet owners in the neighborhood, Rover offers doggy daycare services. Thousands of pet sitters who are willing to look after dogs while their owners are away at work or on vacation are part of its network.

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Through an app or web platform, the service links clients with babysitters. Before making a reservation, clients can meet the dog-sitting staff services for various pets, including high-energy pups and canines with special requirements.

Downtown Pittsburgh Dogs

Since its founding in 2012, Downtown Pittsburgh Dogs has served more than 600 clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, providing over 63,000 services. The company provides dog walking, training, and overnight dog care services like in-home sitting and boarding. There are also choices for cat visits.

Owner Kevin Schriver has over ten years of expertise in the pet services industry. Previous customers have praised him and his staff for being flexible and trustworthy when caring for their dogs.

Animal Resort Friendly Paws

Pittsburgh and the neighboring areas’ pet owners are catered to by Friendly Paws Pet Resort. It specializes in dog boarding services, which may involve bathing dogs before pickup, giving them medicine, and trimming their toenails.

It offers grooming services such anal gland expression, blow-drying, brushing out, de-shedding procedures, and cleaning the ears and teeth. Additionally, this establishment provides canine training courses to deal with undesirable behaviors, excessive jumping, inconsistent conduct, and separation anxiety. Since 2011, Friendly Paws Pet Resort has been in operation.

Airy Pines Boarding Kennel

Dog boarding, available to dogs of all ages and sizes, is one of the many services provided by the Airy Pines Boarding Kennel, a group of canine experts with offices in Pittsburgh. Canine visitors are given toys, treats, food, and water.

They also enjoy unlimited access to a four-acre grass that is divided into three areas for both group and solitary play. Family-run and -owned Airy Pines Boarding Kennel has been in operation for over three decades.

Canine Cabins Luxury Dog Retreat

Canine Cabins Luxury Dog Retreat serves clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. The building offers 16 suites, each with its private patio, heat and air conditioning, ceiling fans, and french doors.

A 5,000-square-foot play area with artificial turf, climbable boulders, and a pond is also included. Additional bathing services offered by Canine Cabins Luxury Dog Retreat include blow-drying, finishing spray, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and brushing.

Golden Wood Pet Resort

Golden Wood Pet Resort is a canine care facility in Aliquippa, Chambersburg, and Oxford that serves Pittsburgh. It has a variety of services available, one of which is dog boarding. Canine visitors stay in rooms with a vacation theme, which offer access to private patios and is furnished with televisions and music systems.

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Additionally, there are swimming and agility courses available for enjoyment and on-site housing available for older dogs and dogs with special needs. The business also offers cat boarding and dog daycare.

Grandma’s Dog Daycare & Boarding

Pet owners in the Pittsburg metro area can use the services provided by Grandma’s Dog Daycare & Boarding. To assess whether a dog is suitable for “one of the family” boarding, the company examines them.

Additionally, it provides daycare services, allowing animals to play inside a 1,500-square-foot facility. Paula Geary oversees the organization’s training initiatives. Since 2009, she has been a qualified S.T.A.R. Puppy instructor.

Parkway Pet Lodge

In Pittsburgh, a pet boarding facility called Parkway Pet Lodge offers short-term housing for dogs, cats, and other small animals. The pet hotel features an interior training facility and an outdoor playground where dogs can participate in various training courses, including dock diving, basic obedience, and behavior modification.

Garrett, a crew member, is a former nurse who now lives and works there full-time. Additionally, the center provides grooming and pick-up services around-the-clock. Over 30 years have passed since the company first began.

Pawspa Resort

An establishment for caring for pets and their owners in the Pittsburgh region is called PawSpa Resort. It is family-owned and -operated. It provides cage-free canine boarding accommodations with a bed, blankets, and bedtime treats. Cats like having their own private, roomy condos that are furnished with all the necessities, including cat trees, soft bedding, water fountains, food bowls, and litter boxes. Additionally, the facility offers daycare plans, grooming solutions, and internal training courses. On-site veterinary technicians can provide medication and care for the pets’ medical requirements. The Greater Pittsburgh area’s animal rescue groups receive assistance from PawSpa Resort.

The Big Easy Dog Daze & Café

Pittsburgh has a pet daycare facility called The Big Easy Dog Daze & Café. In addition to on-site veterinarians, indoor and outdoor play areas, and swimming in the summer, it provides dog boarding services. Animals with illnesses like diabetes, congestive heart failure, and intervertebral disk disease are also accommodated at the institution. Its team is capable of evaluating the health of dogs and administering drugs like insulin. Daycare and grooming options are also offered, like ear washing and nail trimming.

Pittsburgh Pet Concierge

Pittsburgh Pet Concierge meets dog boarding needs in the greater Pittsburgh region, including Monroeville, Forest Hills, Delmont, Plum, and Trafford. This dog boarding and grooming service,

which has been operating for over three years, is housed in a residential building and offers daycare and 24-hour care for dogs and cats. It also provides resort accommodations for smaller pets such as exotics, rabbits, birds, and hamsters. There is a dog spa, dog grooming, and dog bathing offered.

Types Of Dog Boarding

Pet Resort In South Hills

Dog boarding is one of the many services the family-run and -owned South Hills Pet Resort provides to locals in the Pittsburgh region. The facility, which boasts air-conditioned facilities and roomy outdoor and indoor runs, is watched over 24 hours a day, and dog trainers are also on hand. Dog guests can interact with other dogs and enjoy walks and playtime. South Hills Pet Resort also provides dog training, including agility, socialization, and obedience courses.

The Golden Bone Pet Resort

Pittsburgh’s Golden Bone Pet Resort offers boarding and grooming services for animals. In-floor heating, air conditioning, and televisions are included in each room. Regular security inspections of the region are also carried out by resort staff.

Pet owners can arrange for their dogs to participate in playgroups and exercise activities while boarding. Private pet parties may be reserved in the resort’s daycare facility. Since 1988, the neighborhood has been served by the Golden Bone Pet Resort.

The Kennel

Since 1990, Pittsburgh has had a pet boarding business called The Kennel. Each dog receives individualized care from the facility’s staff throughout their stay to ensure safety and comfort.

The boarding packages include two to three feeding sessions each day using IAMS products and stainless steel water and food containers. Additionally, its staff members help canines on their outdoor walks and playing. The Kennel also provides private condos for cats who need to remain for more than a day.

The Kennel Klub

Dogs can be boarded at The Kennel Klub in Pittsburgh and the neighboring areas. Its facility seeks to maintain a bright atmosphere and roomy exercise grounds to encourage canines to socialize and play with other canines.

It provides dogs with a comfortable environment and IAMS dry pet foods, blankets, and climate-controlled living spaces with calming audio sounds. The Kennel Klub offers kitty bed and breakfast services and is an ABKA member. Standard and luxury rooms are available to pet parents.

Types Of Dog Boarding

Your options for dog boarding can be divided into four groups.

Kennel boarding

The most fundamental dog boarding is kennel boarding, and most people are familiar with this kind. Your dog’s basic needs feeding, water, daily walks or outdoor time, and possibly socializing with other dogs will be addressed at a standard kennel. They will be provided with a bed, which is typically a mat or cot inside of a kennel or cage. Small outdoor runs are sometimes included in each animal’s enclosure in kennels.

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Even though kennels aren’t often recognized for their frills, they could offer extra services like additional walks or playtime to make it more enjoyable for your dog. However, these additions will set you back the money.

Pet Hotels

A pet hotel is a high-end, spa-like getaway for dogs who can’t handle kennels and communal water bowls. If your dog tends to be a bit bourgeois, you might want to look closely at one. These establishments are upscale; the majority features individual rooms for each dog, each with a bed, ceiling fan, television, and scented air.

The amenities frequently include indoor swimming pools, athletic fields, play spaces, and dog treadmills. Sincere thought: Dogs who stay at pet hotels might enjoy themselves more than their owners.

Additionally, they frequently provide webcams so you can monitor your dog at all times. This is a major selling factor for anyone who finds it difficult to leave their dog with a stranger (and who doesn’t?).

Veterinarian Boarding

Pet owners may prefer the boarding services provided by the many veterinarian offices because they are already familiar with the staff and facilities. While Dr. Ken Tudor told Pet MD that it’s not an excellent solution for most dogs, it might be a suitable alternative for dogs with medical concerns who require routine monitoring or medication.

“Most veterinary boarding facilities are traditional, sterile, chilly. He says that boarders are likely to receive insufficient attention and care since medical and surgical patients take precedence in veterinary institutions. “I can honestly tell that the boarding care I have observed at veterinary hospitals is often inferior to non-veterinary facilities, having worked in over 20 different veterinary hospitals in my career.”

Home-Based Boarding

In-home boarding is one of the more recent and well-liked options for dog boarding. In this boarding form, a private dog sitter cares for your dog while you’re away at work. Dogs are typically given free access to the house, permitted on furniture, and given frequent cuddles in these situations.

It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to keep their dog away from other dogs in a kennel or give them lots of one-on-one time. Additionally, nothing compares to the comforts of home, so if your dogs can’t be on their own, they should be in someone else’s instead.

In-home dog boarding is “definitely” the best option for dog owners, according to Amber Christensen of Renton, Washington, who also connects with clients through Rover. In-home boarding is surprisingly inexpensive when compared to other dog boarding choices.

Prices for in-home pet sitting vary widely because sitters utilizing sites like Rover are free to set their rates, so you may keep looking until you find someone who you like and who is within your budget. For instance, Coleman’s in-home boarding services start at $35 per night, although Christensen claims she costs $40 per night.

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To Sum Up

Regardless of the dog boarding option you select from the post mentioned above Where To Board My Old Dog In Pittsburgh Pa? it’s critical to ensure your dog is in the care of a trustworthy individual. Check reviews from past customers if at all feasible.

If you’re using a service like Rover, reviews and re-books are readily available before you even contact a border; this is very simple. When it comes to local boarding facilities, Kevin Brasler, executive editor at Checkbook.org, told WTOP News in Washington, D.C., “You don’t have to pay Ritz-Carlton-type costs to have outstanding care.” Many of the more affordable restaurants receive excellent reviews from their patrons. It’s a brilliant idea to tour any facility or home before reserving a spot for your dog. The most important thing to do is speak with staff or in-home boarders to understand how they feel about dogs in general and yours in particular. Make sure the place is clean and doesn’t smell urine or feces. Also, ensure dogs have enough space and access to food and water.

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