What Kind Of Dog Did They Use In The Movie Sandlot Movie?

Here is all about What Kind Of Dog Did They Use In The Movie Sandlot Movie? According to Pet experts, the gigantic dog is a purebred English Mastiff. Gunner, the dog actor, did this role! Although two Mastiffs portrayed the role of Hercules, one dog, in particular, played it most prominently.

What Kind Of Dog Did They Use In The Movie Sandlot Movie?

In the 1993 family film “The Sandlot,” a group of youngsters plays baseball in a nearby sandlot. The dog, referred to throughout the film as The Beast, was one of the most memorable actors. The plot of the 1993 film “The Sandlot” takes place in the summer of 1962. Scott Smalls, a preteen kid, relocates to a new town and meets a group of boys his age who play baseball in a sandlot.

What Kind Of Dog Did They Use In The Movie Sandlot Movie 1

The guys caution Scott about The Beast, a large and vicious dog that lives close to the playground. The Beast is said to devour anything and everything that approaches him. The Beast will undoubtedly appear to the children in all his majestic grandeur.

While pursuing one of the youngsters, he gets caught in a fence. When the lads open the fence to release The Beast, they learn he is a super-sweet dog named Hercules. It’s the kind of nostalgic movie full of amusing shenanigans, and it’s worth seeing!

The Old English Mastiff

Usually, an Old English Mastiff is referred to as a Mastiff. They have existed since the Middle Ages in England, and Chaucer even mentioned them in “The Canterbury Tales.” However, it’s estimated that there were only 14 Mastiffs in the entire United Kingdom at the end of World War II. However, they were saved from extinction by breeders in the United States.

Mastiffs of today can weigh up to 220 pounds and stand about 30 inches tall at the shoulder, making them rather menacing. However, with the proper socialization and training, these large dogs become devoted to their families and make excellent protection dogs. They are also sweet, tolerant, and composed.

Despite how amazing these canines are, not everyone will enjoy them. Because they are large dogs, they need a lot of socialization and training to lessen their suspicion of people and other animals. Beginner dog owners are not encouraged to use them.

Who Was The Beast In Real Life?

The Beast/Hercules was played by a puppet and two dogs in the movie “The Sandlot.” Due to its enormous size, operating the puppet required two people. Another Mastiff filled in for Gunner, who was the canine star performer. Gunner was a Mastiff from the Mtn.

Who Was The Beast In Real Life

Oaks Ranch Mastiffs in California; his owner, Andie Williams, loaned her dog for the film. Gunner was an excellent fit for “The Sandlot” since he was full of personality. Since Gunner wasn’t a young dog at the time, Gunner’s owner insisted that they employ a stunt dog for the more action-packed scenes. However, he was the dog who licked the lead actor in the face. Gunner licked all of the baby food that they applied to his face!

Characteristics Of This Breed Of Dog

English Mastiff

According to legend, the English Mastiff has a long history dating back to ancient civilizations. Many historians think that English Mastiffs are connected to dogs that fought lions and other enormous animals in Roman arenas because of their large size.

Several ancient kinds of literature describe dogs that are enormous and able to stand their ground against other powerful and violent creatures. Many of these extinct breeds, including the now-extinct Alaunt breed, may have existed before English Mastiffs.

After World War 2, when numerous animals from North America were transported into Britain, what is today known as the modern English Mastiff emerged. These Mastiffs were subsequently crossed with other sizable breeds, such as St. Bernards, which eventually brought the breed back to prominence throughout Britain. Today, English Mastiffs may be found all over the world, and many dog owners consider them to be excellent pets.

English Mastiffs, the giant living dog in the world, may reach heights of 76 cm and weigh 100 kg. Despite their size, they have friendly, distinctive facial expressions due to their wrinkling and drooping features. However, many Mastiffs are reportedly extremely apprehensive of strange odors and faces, making them excellent guard dogs.

Background Story Of Hercules

The Beast rumor is introduced early in the movie when a rival baseball club claims that ‘The Beast’ was once a canine but changed into a giant beast after consuming a lot of human flesh. The alleged beast is claimed to patrol the junkyard, where it preys on several children who scale the fence to retrieve their lost baseballs.

Benny, the gang leader, chooses to meet “The Beast” later in the movie to reclaim his beloved baseball, only to discover that the monster is a giant Mastiff named Hercules. The gang rescues and befriends Hercules after a chase leaves him pinned behind a downed fence. Then Hercules takes them to a big heap of baseballs he’s stashed in the junkyard for the gang to play baseball with.

Things To Know About The Sandlot Dog Breed English Mastiff

Breed & Descendants

The English Mastiff is a breed of a giant dog, or “Sandlot dog breed,” as you guys like to call it. It is solely known as “Mastiff” by national kennel clubs. The Ancient Pugnaces Britanniae and Alaunt are likely the ancestors of the English Mastiff.

The Alpine Mastiff from the 19th-century shares many similarities with English Mastiffs. Many dog breeds commonly referred to as “Mastiffs” or “Mastiff-type canines” originate in the English Mastiff.



As I’ve already indicated, the English Mastiff is a reasonably large dog. It has a broad skull and a big body. Their heads have a somewhat square aspect. A typical male English Mastiff weighs 150–250 pounds, while a typical female weighs about 120–200 pounds. Additionally, some people gained more than 300 pounds.

Despite being slightly higher than the English Mastiff, the Great Dane and the Irish Wolfhound are outgrown by the English Mastiff in terms of mass. Atacama Zorba of La Susa, an English Mastiff, holds the record for being the giant dog in the world with a staggering 343 pounds!

Color & Coat

The Sandlot dog breed, sometimes known as the English Mastiff, has a short coat, a small variety of colors, and a black mask. The color of this dog breed has been defined in various ways by different kennel associations. They claim that these canines can be fawn or apricot in color, with fawn being a light silver or slightly golden yellow shade and apricot having a somewhat reddish hue. Its color palette is highly constrained.


As you can also see in the film, the English Mastiff, often known as the Sandlot dog breed, is a noble canine. They have a very level head. Even when little dogs bite them, they don’t take offense. They let young kids play with them.

The English Mastiff dog, also known as the “Sandlot dog breed” by some of you, is a magnificent blend of majesty, strength, and nobility. They are such kind people that they are frequently referred to as the best dog breed.


English Mastiffs’ movement, sound, and massiveness are there from the time they are puppies until they are fully grown. They require the proper food and exercise because of their size to be healthy and fit. It is not good for dogs to run around a lot during their first two years. Excessive jogging can seriously harm the growth plates by putting them under a lot of tension.

English Mastiffs and Sandlot dogs are not allowed to run excessively, but they still need to exercise regularly throughout their lives to be healthy and avoid laziness. The dog’s sleeping area should be soft and comfortable because their heavy weight can cause calluses, hygroma, and arthritis when lying on hard surfaces.

Although the average lifespan of an English Mastiff is around seven years, it is not unusual for them to survive for 10 to 11 years. Gastric torsion and hip dysplasia are the two most prevalent and severe health issues that an English Mastiff experiences. Because of this, experts advise getting tested for thyroid, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia before purchasing a purebred Mastiff.

Food Habit

Let’s now discuss these gentle giants’ eating habits. Your dog’s age, size, structure, activity level, and metabolism all affect how much food it needs. The English Mastiff consumes 6 to 10 cups of dry food daily due to its size.

However, if you intend to keep your dog on a raw diet, you’ll need 2.5–2.7 pounds of solid meat daily, along with organ meat and bones. Growing puppies and nursing mothers may consume a lot of food. Senior dogs, on the other hand, typically eat less.

Bear in mind that dogs are individuals, just like people. As a result, each dog will consume different amounts of food. A substantial meal should only be given to your dog once a day since this can increase stomach torsion (also known as bloat). You must therefore be careful when feeding them.

English Mastiff Price

If you wish to purchase an English Mastiff from a breeder, the cost ranges from 1500 to 3000 USD. But if you want to buy a purebred, the cost might soar to $7000. There is an alternative if the cost of the English Mastiff is prohibitive for you. Adoption! Yes, you can adapt your preferred breed of Sandlot dog without breaking the budget.

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To Sum Up

Having a pet dog sounds simple enjoyable. However, they come with a lot of obligations. You must provide your dog the attention they need, whether you want to obtain a large breed like the Sandlot dog or a smaller breed like the Mini Hippo dog.

According to Pet Comments, the enormous dog is an English Mastiff of pure breed. Gunner, the canine actor, played this part! Although two Mastiffs played the role of Hercules, one played it more prominently than the other. I hope you get my key points regarding to What Kind Of Dog Did They Use In The Movie Sandlot Movie?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sandlot dog still alive?

His two older siblings are male. He entered the Los Angeles Police Department in 1996 after his older brother, Pablo, played the older version of Benny’s role in The Sandlot. Colon cancer caused Pablo’s death on January 29, 2008.

How much did The Sandlot dog weigh?

We also used a large hero dog, who weighed over 200 pounds, for the close-up shots due to his enormous head. The dog who does most of the running and chasing in the movie is also frequently not in the same frame as Benny when fleeing.

Was The Sandlot a true story?

Yes, The Sandlot is based on a variety of earliest memories that author David M. Evans shared with the other baseball-mad neighborhood kids. The Sandlot would be the ideal coming-of-age story, even if Evans altered many aspects of his events to make a more substantial movie plot.

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