What Is Special About Dogs? (All You Need To Know)

I will tell you What Is Special About Dogs? in this post! In addition to being our family, our dogs have always been our closest friends and most devoted companions. Therefore, it makes sense that we find dog facts and information to be completely fascinating.

When we learn a dog fact, it makes us feel happy and in amazement, because we are completely smitten with our four-legged companions and want to learn everything, there is to know about them. Ready to have your mind blown by these incredible dog facts, ranging from the reason dogs’ noses are damp to the giant dog ever?

What Is Special About Dogs?

Dog intelligence is comparable to that of a two-year-old. According to studies, dogs are as intelligent and wise as a two-year-old since they can pick up over 100 phrases and gestures. On the other hand, dogs are considerably simpler to teach than two-year-olds!

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The staff at the Jungle Shout is aware that we may be biased. Still, we are always interested in learning more about dogs, whether it’s a new study on canine behavior, a fact from the AKC’s database, or even interesting information about a dog’s remarkable physical and mental capabilities. Although some may be familiar to you already and others may make you say, “wait, really?” we believe you’ll find them all amusing.

Fun Facts About Dogs

Dogs’ Nostrils Are Moistened To Aid In Absorbing Scent Chemicals

This fascinating canine statistic could answer a topic that dog owners have long wondered about. Why do dogs have moist noses? According to Vetstreet, the reason why dog noses are wet is so that they may better absorb scent molecules. They lick their nostrils to sample the compounds after their noses secrete a specific mucus that aids in absorbing them, which helps them identify the smell.

Dogs Can Understand Our Feelings

A dog doesn’t constantly glance at your face to grab your attention or beg for a treat. They occasionally absorb your feelings. According to University of Lincoln researchers, dogs are the only animals that can tell from a glance whether we are happy, sad, or angry. Dogs’ “left-gaze bias” when observing a human face is the same as that of humans. This suggests that dogs focus on the right side of the face, which accurately depicts emotions compared to the left.

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A Dog’s Nose Is 10,000-100,000 Times More Sensitive Than Ours

Dogs have a phenomenal ability to smell, which is well known, but did you know that it’s 10,000–100,000 times greater than ours? One dog expert compared a dog’s sense of smell to the ability to spot one lousy apple among two million barrels. The 300-million olfactory receptors in a dog’s nose (humans have around 6 million) and the area of their brain that processes odors make dogs exceptional sniffers (it is 40 times greater than ours).

Dogs Are Guilt-Free

Dogs occasionally display what appears to be a guilty expression when discovered doing something improperly: head bowed, ears back, and cheerless eyes. Your dog may appear to be showing shame or pleading for forgiveness, but according to animal behaviorists, canines aren’t able to experience guilt. That “guilty” expression usually reacts to an owner’s furious or unhappy emotion.

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Dogs Are Incredibly Varied

According to research that appeared in The American Naturalist, dogs are among the species with the widest variety of skull shapes. Dog breeds’ skulls differ as much from one another as they do between entire species. So, for instance, a German Shepherd’s skull differs from a Golden Retriever’s just as much as a cat’s skull does from a bear’s.

Various Tail Wags Represent Multiple Things

Many pet owners believe that a dog’s tail waving indicates happiness. The truth is that different tail wags convey different meanings since tail wagging is a sophisticated language. Dr. Stanley Coren writes in an article for Psychology Today that “the position of the tail, specifically the height at which it is carried, can be considered a sort of emotional meter.” Are you curious about the definitions of various wags? See our post on Interpreting Dog Tail Wags!

Canine Color Sense

It has long been believed that dogs only see in grayscale. Dogs can see colors. However, they are less distinct and numerous than those humans can see. Dogs mostly perceive the environment in yellows, blues, and grays, according to Psychology Today. This explains why your dog may occasionally lose sight of the red ball they are chasing in the grass.

Dogs Dream Just Like People

Have you ever noticed your dog snoring while twitching, growling, or “running”? Dr. Stanley Coren, a canine researcher, claims that a dog’s brain wave patterns when sleeping are comparable to those of a human, indicating that dogs dream similarly to humans. According to Coren, there is evidence that they dream about typical canine behaviors.

Dogs Can Assist People With Medical Issues

Dogs can do incredible things for people who are battling health issues. They can be taught to help the blind, deaf, or physically disabled; to support individuals with anxiety and PTSD; to remind handlers to take their meds; to help autistic people with daily activities; and to recognize some medical issues, like as low blood sugar in people with diabetes. Dogs have even been used in laboratory trials to detect cancer.

Canines Sweat Through Their Paws

Most of a dog’s sweat glands are found in its paws, unlike humans, with glands all over their body. It’s time to help your friend cool off if your dog has left a trail of wet paw prints on the ground or floor after getting too hot. Although a dog may sweat through their paws once they are hot, panting is the primary way that dogs cool off. Panting enables moisture on the tongue and lungs’ surface to evaporate.

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Final Summary

You will love to know What Is Special About Dogs? Because of the bonds we develop with them, dogs are exceptional. Dogs become cherished family members who receive the same care as newborns and young children. For thousands of years, we have mainly relied on one another. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

Without dogs’ herding and guarding skills, we probably would not have been able to domesticate livestock so quickly and early in history. If it weren’t for humans, dogs would not exist at all. They are the “ultimate pet,” which distinguishes them from being unique.

A dog is a gregarious animal, not isolated like a cat. The only reasons they would associate with us are for food and shelter. A dog can develop a strong attachment with its family and become a companion. Most dogs provide all three love, friendship, and protection.

Recent scientific research has demonstrated that when humans and dogs connect, a natural chemical bonding takes place. Oxytocin, a hormone linked to social ties and enjoyment, is released during contact between the two species.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people prefer dogs?

People sense more vital psychological ownership over dogs than cats because they believe dogs are easier to govern. As a result, most people favor dogs.

Why do dogs lick you?

Dogs lick people for several reasons, including affection, grooming, communication, exploration, attention, and taste.

What sort of individual loves dogs?

According to a 2010 research of more than 4,500 participants, persons who adore dogs are more likely to be extroverted (or outgoing) and responsible (or rule-following).

Are dogs or cats more intelligent?

The findings revealed that dogs have approximately 530 million cortical neurons compared to 250 million in domestic cats, perhaps due to dogs having larger brains, to begin with. (The human brain contains billions of neurons as a point of comparison.)

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