What Dog Does Martin Kemp Have? Quick Answer

Here is all related to What Dog Does Martin Kemp Have? Fans have been tuned in to see Roman and Matin Kemp’s dog, Iris, since the first episode of Celebrity Gogglebox this season.

The dog has won admirers’ hearts not only for her attractiveness but also for her terrible background as a rescue dog. Shirlie, the miniature poodle that Martin Kemp and his wife have now adopted, has a fascinating backstory of how she ended up being the third member of the Kemps’ sofa.

What Dog Does Martin Kemp Have?

A tiny female poodle named Iris. Iris was born in China and was one of many dogs slaughtered and sold in the meat markets before being adopted by the Kemp family in September 2020.

Iris was saved by Rushton Dog Rescue and found a new, permanent home with Martin and Shirlie. Instagram user @rushtondogrescue posted pictures of Iris with her new owners detailing her backstory. She was hopeless and in a deplorable state. Iris was a meat trade survivor, and dread was all she had ever known.

What Dog Does Martin Kemp Have

The Kemp family frequently shares pictures of Iris taking part in her new journey in a joyful and caring environment on social media. Roman Kemp remarked, “My mother had always said to rescue dogs and get them into safe, loving homes,” when he informed his followers of Iris’ arrival. Iris has been designated as an ambassador, and Shirlie Kemp has been chosen as the organization’s patron. The other famous dogs of Celebrity Gogglebox

The third series alone has featured several gorgeous canines that can’t help but steal the show, including miniature dachshunds and french bulldogs. Denise van Outen and her partner Eddie frequently have Tilly and Remy, their two French bulldogs, on the sofa. Remy will join the family in November 2020. Eddie can be seen sampling Tilly’s “dog ice cream” in the show’s seventh episode as she waits patiently to devour it.

Martin Kemp And His Dog’s Relationship

Because of their close bond, Martin Kemp spoils his dog more than his kids. The 58-year-old actor and musician are married to 58-year-old Shirlie, and they have two children together: son Roman, 27, and daughter Harley, 30. However, he stated that Popsy, his pet dog, is his favorite.

When asked to name his particular item, Martin responded to Woman & Home magazine: “Popsy is my puppy’s name, a toy poodle. If you’re curious about where my heart is, it’s with her, not with my family. She is spoiled beyond what Roman and Harley are.”

Martin and Shirlie have been happily married since 1988, and he thinks their long-lasting relationship is mainly due to their friendship. He clarified: “You must take care of your friendship just as you would your closest buddies. However, it’s also crucial to have time apart from one another.

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“The remainder of the week is particularly special if I go away for a weekend and return to Shirlie.” On the other hand, Martin thinks that children should be given independence and would never give them job advice.

He stated: “I didn’t force my kids into a job and instead offered them the freedom to select one they liked. Their happiness and health are crucial. Despite having nothing, my mother and father always made time for my brother Gary and me.

“I constantly advise them to take time to enjoy the good times since it’s simple to let them pass more quickly than you would like. Roman gets counsel from me about people and life in general, but since he’s so good at his work as a Capital FM broadcaster, I’d never advise him what to do there.”

Rosie’s miniature wire-haired dachshund, Ruby, is frequently cuddled up by Loraine Kelly and her daughter, Rosie. Ruby spends most of her screen time napping, making her maybe the smallest of all the Gogglebox canines.

Nick Grimshaw is frequently observed sitting with one of his pets on the sofa. Pug Stinky Blob and bull terrier Pig, two dogs with unique names in the Gogglebox dog family, are also among the highlights of Nick’s Instagram, where they appear frequently.

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