What Animals Eat Or Kill Tigers? (Top 8 With Pictures)

I will write explanations of What Animals Eat Or Kill Tigers? Despite being considered an apex predator, The dhole is a well-known predator of tigers. Humans may also hunt tigers for their meat, which is valued as a luxury food in some societies. Rapid tiger population declines result from indiscriminate poaching and habitat destruction by human activity.

What Animals Eat Or Kill Tigers?

Since tigers are at the top of the food chain, they typically live in the wild without natural predators. Tiger adults, however, have been known to prey on tiger cubs. Tigers may also perish due to accidental interactions with dholes, an undomesticated type of dog in Asia.

Tigers are apex predators in the wild, which means they are at the top of the food chain. This indicates that few animals will scavenge on their corpses but that no other animal is courageous enough to fight them. Some species do prey on tigers, though. We will talk about a few of those animals in this blog post. We’ll also look at the reasons behind this behavior and how it affects the population of tigers.

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Why Are There No Predators For Tigers And Lions?

The apex carnivores in the food chain are the lion and the tiger. They are exceedingly hard to hunt by other animals or predators because of their robust bodies, pointed nails and fangs, and quick running. There are no natural predators for lions at the top of the food chain. Although they may be killed by buffalo while attempting to hunt them or by elephants defending their young, no animal seeks them for food.

Since these animals are herbivores and do not kill lions to consume them, this is not predation. Although they do not view one another as prey, lions occasionally murder one another in territorial disputes. Spotted hyenas will also kill a sick or injured lion if they come upon one.

Even while they will eat it once it is dead, their primary motivation for killing it is to lessen competition rather than food because far simpler foods are available. Scavengers of various kinds, including hyenas, jackals, vultures, marabou storks, etc., will eat a dead Asiatic lion.

What Eats Tigers?

Bears, crocodiles, dholes, and other tigers are among the creatures that consume tigers. Since tigers are top-level predators, they face few other animals in the wild that can potentially kill them.

Tiger Predators

Apex predators that devour tigers include bears like the brown bear and the Asiatic bear. Additionally, these bears hunt tigers to steal their kills. The killing of tigers by brown bears has been documented in 12 instances, all of which resulted in the bears eating the tigers, according to an article from a 1973 issue of International Wildlife Magazine.

Tiger Predators


Crocodiles, which prey on tigers, ambush their victims by attacking their hind legs. This often happens when a tiger drinks water from a crocodile’s area. However, a crocodile cannot swallow an adult tiger whole and must instead use its strong jaws and teeth to dismember the animal before eating it.



Large dhole groups may defeat tigers in battle. In his 1939–1941 research Fauna of British India, Including Ceylon and Burma (Mammalia, Volume 2; London, UK: Taylor and Francis), RI Pocock insisted that “The evidence that these dogs may occasionally attack even tigers is too convincing to be thrown aside.”


Vultures are large birds that can be found in both Asia and Europe. Old World vultures and New World vultures are the two varieties of vultures. While New World vultures are located in the Americas, Old World vultures are found in Africa and Asia.


Vultures are scavengers, which means they consume animal carcasses. They occasionally murder their prey because they are predators. Because they can fly great distances and have a high sense of smell, vultures are excellent predators. They can also consume animals that are much bigger than they are.

The remains of killed tigers are frequently observed being consumed by vultures. They are among the species that consume tiger carcasses most frequently. This is most likely because vultures have no fear of tigers and are quick to flee if assaulted.


Snakes of the python species can be found in Australia, Asia, and Africa. These creatures are constrictors, encircle and squeeze their prey to death. Pythons can grow up to 10 meters long and weigh 200 kilograms. Although pythons often prey on small mammals like rodents, they will also consume more extensive food like deer and antelope.


Though not frequently, they have also been known to kill tigers. A python once held a dead tiger in its mouth in a photograph. The size and power of pythons make them effective predators. They are capable of taking down more significant than life prey. They have also ambushed predators, which means that they frequently wait for their victim before striking.


One of the most frequent predators of tigers is the hyena. The spotted hyena, which may weigh up to 190 kg, is the most prominent member of the hyena family. These creatures are located in Africa and Central Asia and favor deserts, savannahs, and wooded areas to call home.

Being a scavenger, the spotted hyena frequently consumes the remains of other animals. They have been observed to murder their prey, though. Spotted hyenas can kill giant animals like zebra and buffalo when they hunt in packs.


Most of their kills are made in groups, though they occasionally hunt alone. The spotted hyena’s solid jaws and cutting-edge teeth make it a successful predator. Tigers have also been known to be killed by these creatures. As one of the few animals capable of killing a tiger on their own, they have a unique place in the animal kingdom.


Humans provide the most significant danger to tigers. Humans kill tigers for their fur, which is used to produce garments and other products. The bodily parts of tigers are frequently destroyed for use in traditional Chinese medicine.


Tiger flesh is prized in several cultures around the world as a delicacy. The number of tigers declines as the human population rises and more people settles in tiger habitats. Tiger hunting still happens in various regions of the world, even though it is less frequent than it previously was. It’s thought that people kill between one and two tigers annually.

Brown Bear

The European, Asian, and North American forests and mountains are home to the vast predatory brown bear. They are one of the only species capable of engaging in active tiger hunting and killing. In addition to plants, berries, roots, fish, small mammals, and large mammals, brown bears are also known to eat vegetation, small mammals, and fish.

Brown Bear

For sustenance, brown bears have been known to hunt tigers. A bear can get a lot of nourishment from tigers, which are a good source of flesh. Brown bears may also pursue tigers to defend their offspring. The bear would defend its offspring by fighting back if a tiger attacked them.

Tiger Vs Tiger

Tiger adults are also capable of predating on young animals. When a male dies in possession of a territory, his children are often killed so the new owner can breed with the local females. Tigresses can conceive five months again after their puppy litter perished.

Tiger Vs Tiger

The females are responsible for protecting the young because the males provide hardly any care at all. It is common practice to consume their puppies’ feces to mask the scent and make it less appealing to would-be predators. Adult felines defend themselves with their claws and teeth and swim quite well, unlike other cats, making water a secure place to flee.

The World’s Biggest Predator

The extinction of tigers is a serious concern, but not because of wild dogs, elephants, bears, or buffalo. The most dangerous predator, the human, is to blame, not other animals. Some people believe that the Tigers’ vivid and lovely striped coats, which some homes employ as carpeting or inside lining, look much nicer in their living rooms, even as apparel. Others use medical products produced from bones because they think they have health-promoting effects.

The poor state of tigers in the wild is a result of humans. Only a tiny part of the thousands of species historically inhabited most of Asia are still extant. The remaining six species are in danger, and only three went extinct in the 20th century. Humans are their biggest concern, but other human activities also severely threaten them. Humans hunt them for sport, to supply the market for health items, or for any other purpose.

The future of tigers depends on us because humans are their primary predators and threats. We can alter the long-standing situation. Additionally, we have the technologies at our disposal to assist in successfully mating these cats. But more than anything, we must accept responsibility for continuing to safeguard their natural habitat rather than only relying on them to endure in captivity.

Hopefully, when more people become aware of the Tigers’ plight and what is happening to them, they will work actively to bring about a change. We owe it to tigers to restore the balance because their native environment lacks a high density of predators. To give these species a chance to survive again, we must stop destroying forests, blowing up mountain ranges to create highways or mine minerals, and poaching and wasteful hunting.

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Final Verdict

I hope all the above information about What Animals Eat Or Kill Tigers? is helpful for you. Only a few species of animals will pursue and kill a tiger. These creatures include alligators, boas, brown bears, crocodiles, and dholes. These six species are the most likely to attack tigers, although other predators will do so if given a chance.

They are all apex predators, which means they have no natural adversaries, which explains why. They are the top predators in their habitats due to being at the top of the food chain. Because of this, they have developed into exceptionally skilled hunters and killers of other giant creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What animals kill tigers?

Dholes are Asiatic wild canines that occasionally attack tigers, although these attacks almost always result in severe casualties for the whole group. All tiger populations face the most significant threat from humans.

What animal eats lions and tigers?

Although lions are not hunted by predators to be eaten, they have a few natural enemies, including hyenas and cheetahs. In their struggle for prey, hyenas frequently attempt to steal lions’ kills.

What is the tiger afraid of?

Tigers avoid jumping through flaming rings because they are inherently and instinctually scared of fire. A tiger needs to be more terrified of the trainer’s physical punishment than it does of the flames for the trainer to get it through the hoops.

Which dog can kill a tiger?

There isn’t a dog that can face off against a tiger. However, a wild dog breed is called a “Dhole” in the Indian forests. They are known to pursue tigers in packs, but only when they are helpless and have no other options.

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