The Beast In The Jungle How Many Pages Are There? (Answer)

Henry James’s short story The Beast in the Jungle, which debuted in The Better Sort (1903), is a thrilling tale of despair with full pictures of fire, ice, and hunting, despite its slow pacing, unbelievable dialogue, and too elaborate style. In The Beast In The Jungle How Many Pages Are There? Beast in the jungle has 48 long pages Or 86 short pages.

The Beast In The Jungle How Many Pages Are There?

It has 48 long pages which is equal to 86 short pages. John Marcher is a neurotic egoist preoccupied with the nagging suspicion that something extraordinary is about to occur to him. This approaching doom has the appearance of a lurking beast in a jungle. Marcher cannot return May Bartram’s love because he is so overcome with anticipation and dread.

The Beast In The Jungle How Many Pages Are There

She arrives to witness his fate but is unable to help him accept it before she passes away. One year later, while Marcher sits at her burial, he suddenly realizes that the cause of his horrible misfortune is his failure to understand her love for him.

The Beast In The Jungle – Story

Marcher and Bartram reminisce at a party that serves as the beginning of “The Beast in the Jungle.” There had been two previous introductions between them. Marcher finds out that at one of these earlier sessions, he had revealed his secret to Bartram. Although he is shocked that he confided in her, he is relieved that someone knows his secret.

The secret that consumes his entire existence is that he is doomed to some terrible outcome. He spends his whole life waiting for this to happen. He refers to this tragedy as his jungle beast. He doesn’t know what it will be, only that its grandeur sets him apart from the other individuals he knows.

When Bartram eventually settles in London, their bond deepens, and they become close friends. Bartram wonders if Marcher would settle down and start a family, but he worries about including a wife and kids in his disaster.

The two get older, and Bartram brings sick. When he cannot visit her frequently in her final days, Marcher becomes upset. Marcher realizes that Bartram is aware of the nature of the Beast. She informs him that it has already happened, and he is unaware of it.

After Bartram passes away, Marcher is troubled by how little he will be remembered. He laments that even the most distant cousins have a stronger claim on her because of their relationship. Despite being her best friends, they don’t have an official relationship.

After she passes away, he travels for a year, troubled by her loss and the realization that the Beast he had been waiting his entire life for has arrived, and he has no idea what it was. In London, he returns.

He visits Bartram’s burial place. He notices a man mourning nearby a recently excavated grave. As he looks the man in the eye, he realizes he has never allowed himself to love someone so deeply that he could feel that much sorrow. He understands that he has missed out on love at this precise time. Because he constantly feared his fate, which turned out to be this genuine inability to live, he failed to enjoy his life.

To experience some of the emotion he has lost out on, he attempts to get upset over this, but he cannot even do so. Fearing what might become of him, he had lived an emotionless life that had nearly ended without ever beginning.

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In 1903, Henry James penned The Beast In The Jungle How Many Pages Are There? One of his most well-known short stories. The Better Sort published it initially. The narrative centers on the longtime relationship between the two characters, John Marcher and May Bartram.

James, a master of psychological fiction, examines fear, friendship, and love in his short story. He also looks at what might happen when fear is permitted to rule over people’s lives and stifle other aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the summary of the Beast in the Jungle?

The protagonist, John Marcher, reconnects with May Bartram, a person he knew in southern Italy ten years prior and who recalls his peculiar secret: Marcher suddenly has the conviction that some dramatic or tragic event, waiting for him like a “beast in the forest,” will define his life.

What is the secret in The Beast in the Jungle?

After a brief period of misunderstanding, Marcher learns the secret to which she is alluding: that he has always harbored a deeply held conviction that a significant, life-changing event a “beast in the jungle” lies in wait for him at some point in the future.

How long of a read is The Jungle?

A 250 WPM reader will finish this book in 3 hours and 8 minutes on average (words per minute).

Who is the narrator in The Beast in the Jungle?

The Beast in the Jungle’s narrator is John Marcher. He is also one of only two primary characters and the protagonist.

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