Sowsun Dog Agility Training Equipment (Full Review)

Anyone who has attempted to purchase Sowsun Dog Agility Training Equipment for their German shepherds knows how frustrating the process can be. Understanding which product is best for your dog might be challenging because so many options are available.

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Some people try to cut costs by purchasing inexpensive equipment, but this frequently results in issues later on. Cheap equipment often has a shorter lifespan and may not be suitable for your dog. However, some individuals spend a lot of money on agility equipment only to discover that their dog isn’t good at it or enjoys it.

Discovering a ratio between price and quality is crucial. While you don’t want to overpay on dog-unuseful equipment, you also don’t want to scrimp on quality and end up with cheap, fragile items. A kit of agility gear Smaller dogs can use the 32-inch jump in the Pawise Training Jump.

It complies with AKC requirements and will appropriately prepare your dog for any required jumps. The leap can be modified from four to thirty inches, depending on your needs. PVC pipes are used to assemble the kit, which is simple. Because of the molding process, there are no sharp edges.

Sowsun Dog Agility Training Equipment

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  • Perfect For Burning Tons Of Dog Energy
  • Perfect For Small To Mid-Sized Dogs
  • 2 Carrying Bags
  • Obstacle Course Of Fun For Your Dog

Sowsun Dog Agility Training Equipment essential package for newcomers comes with a training jump, weave poles, and a pause box (where your dog can take a brief break before moving on to the next activity). It requires no additional tools and is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage. The structure comprises robust materials, including plywood, PVC 40, and flat paint.

For beginner’s training in agility, this package is crucial. The Sowsun dog agility kit is ranked ninth since it is meant to be a beginner’s kit rather than something robust like some of the other products mentioned above. It’s intended to be a more laid-back training method to see if your dog enjoys it.

Given its price, this kit’s durability makes it stand out as one of the best sets of dog agility equipment. Additionally, the kit is thorough and easy to assemble, which is especially helpful for beginners. But we were worried about how long it might last. One product had a braking issue, which we believed resulted from a manufacturing error.

This is relatively easy to make and is appropriate for beginners or someone like me who is just seeking a fun activity with their pets. The poles are fantastic and straightforward to move and construct. When necessary, the horizontal bar falls quickly, and the jump is adequately robust.

  • Easy to comprehend
  • Simple building
  • Not a strong survivor

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4.3 Out of 5 Stars


Comparatively speaking, the XiaZ Dog Agility Course Equipments are the ideal beginner kit for your German shepherd’s agility training. It is made of ABS and is lightweight and rigid, making it perfect for usage both inside and outside. Complete with necessities including a weave pole, loom, and yarn, Tunnel with ground stake, jump hurdle, and pause box.

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You can be confident that the well-built Sowsun Dog Agility Training Equipment set will resist a lot of use and abuse because it is composed of durable materials, including 190T polyester, plastic, and metal. When not in use, the set is simple to put together and store until your next workout. The best part is that the apparatus is entirely customizable, allowing you to alter the obstacles to meet the size and aptitude of your dog.

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The Sowsun Dog Agility Training Equipment will give you and your canine companion several hours of enjoyment, no matter how experienced you are. According to one dog owner, the poles and posts were not strong enough, and after two days of use, she had to re-insert the stakes into the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a contact in dog agility?

Those unfamiliar with the terms should read the following: The contact zone in agility is the lower part of three distinct obstacles (A-frame, dog walk, teeter). The contact zone is usually highlighted with yellow paint. Before exiting the obstacle, dogs must place at least one toe in the contact zone.

What equipment is used in dog agility?

The most frequent agility equipment components are jumping, weaving courses, and tunnels. You have two options: go all out and utilize every piece of competition gear, or stick to the fundamentals.

What is dog contact training?

Point of Contact training teaches a dog to submit to pressure applied to any part of their body to encourage them to readily, voluntarily, and ultimately obey that touch. The force might be directed upward, downward, left, right, or away from you.

How can I get my dog involved in agility?

Put your dog on a leash and use an obstacle-specific command, like “A-frame.” As you get close to the obstacle, move fast and guide the dog over it. You might need extra special rewards to get your dog to climb these obstacles the first few times.

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