Purina Pro Plan Performance Review (With Comparison)

Even people who don’t own dogs are aware of Purina Pro Plan Performance. Nearly a century old, the business first produced food for farm animals. They began producing pet food in 1926, and since then, they have grown to be one of the largest pet firms in the world.

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Nestle bought them in 2001, and when combined with their Friskies PetCare Firm, they became the second-largest pet food manufacturer in the world, after Mars Petcare, the company that makes Pedigree and Whiskas.

Food produced by Purina is delivered across several facilities in the US, including those in Wisconsin, New York, Minnesota, Missouri, and other states. The Merrick Grain Free Real Texas Beef and Sweet Potatoes formula is my top pick out of all the ones Merrick has created over the years.

Purina Pro Plan Performance Review

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  • High Calorie
  • High Protein Dry Dog Food
  • Optimizes Oxygen Metabolism
  • Increased Endurance

Your pitbull puppy may have trouble eating if it is healing from an injury. Physically uncomfortable dogs may not eat as much as they should. This may result in a loss of body weight. Dogs can fail to put on weight despite eating normally. They could not be getting all the calories and nutrients they require.

Choosing the best dog food for Pitbulls to acquire weight at this point becomes crucial. Remember that a good pitbull has a coat of fat covering the rib cage and a chunky appearance. If your pitbull doesn’t look like that, you might wish to supplement his diet with better dog chow to help him put on weight.

Purina Pro is the best recipe if you want your PitBull to gain weight or build muscle after an injury. Like Bully Max, Purina Pro has a 30% protein and 20% fat ratio for optimum metabolism and lean muscle development.

Unlike humans, dogs get most of their sustenance from fat, not carbohydrates. As a result, the Purina Pro’s 20% fat will successfully meet your Pitbull’s metabolic needs and help him retain a lean, muscular body.

Purina Pro offers a high-quality, protein-rich diet with chicken as the first and main ingredient that will effectively satisfy your Pitbull’s energy requirements and promote excellent bodily health at all activity levels. Purina includes amino acids and chicken protein, crucial for replenishing your dog’s muscles, especially after arduous exercise.

About VO2 Max, Purina Pro is a fantastic recipe that will increase your PitBull’s oxygen metabolism and improve its stamina in various ways. The AAFCO-approved mix includes glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids for ideal joint protection and mobility.

However, many health professionals are concerned about their diet’s high levels of gluten and grains. Additionally, the formula may be unpleasant due to a lack of flavor and an offensive odor. However, Purina Pro is the best option for a dog like Pit since it will give him the energy he needs to succeed and overcome any obstacles, whether they involve swimming, hunting, or catching.


First and foremost are chicken and chicken dinner, which is about as excellent a start as you can. While the chicken meal is brimming with vital nutrients that aren’t present in thin pieces of meat, the lean chicken is a fantastic source of protein.

Cassava root flour comes next. You may not be knowledgeable about it, but this component is highly comparable to tapioca. Given that it has a low glycemic index, it will give your dog long-lasting energy without raising her blood sugar levels. It’s a fantastic substitute for flour manufactured from wheat.

Next, we have a dried egg product, which we have conflicting opinions about. Although it’s a terrific way to increase the amount of fiber in the food, many dogs have trouble processing eggs. However, if your dog can handle it, we wouldn’t be concerned about her ingesting it. Beef fat, fish oil, canola meal, and dried beet pulp are additional components we enjoy because they all provide a variety of vital vitamins and minerals (most notably omega fatty acids and fiber).

 For Active Dogs

Have you ever observed the diets followed by professional sportsmen, such as Olympic swimmers? You’ll be astounded at how many calories they burn, and with good reason, they require as much energy as possible to perform at their very best. Now, you’re going to get into trouble if you eat like an Olympic swimmer but spend the day lounging around Netflix.

That also applies to your dog. If you feed your dog a high-calorie diet like this, ensure she receives the necessary amount of activity, or you risk having a fat dog. This Food Is High in Fat and Protein.


Returning to our earlier remark, this food has a lot of protein and fat, which is beneficial if your dog is active. Instead of the quick bursts of energy, you’d get from a meal high in carbohydrates, fat, and protein; both give your dog long-lasting, slow-burning power. Naturally, if you don’t use that energy, it will only be stored in your body as fat.

  • Rich in fat and protein
  • Made for active dogs
  • Rich in minerals that support joint health
  • Contains a lot of calories

Editors Rating

4.7 Out Of 5 Stars

How We Check This Dog Food?

This cuisine contains a healthy balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. For most dogs, diets that are strong in protein and fat and moderate to low in carbohydrates are recommended. We first calculate the moisture in dog foods before evaluating them.

Purina Pro Plan Performance 2

This is known as the “dry matter basis” and only displays the food’s solid constituents. These estimated “dry matter” values differ from those on the product label, but they provide a more accurate picture of the meal’s actual nutritional content. The carbohydrates are also calculated. This product has a sizable number of calories.

Understanding your calorie intake is crucial to avoiding under or overfeeding. Since high-calorie foods like this are frequently fed to more active dogs that require a larger quantity of daily calories, you might want to feed your dog less than the recommended label if they are moderate to less active.

It’s helpful to be aware that foods for weight loss frequently contain fewer than 340 calories per cup, nutrition for weight maintenance typically have 340–380 calories, and nourishment for active dogs usually contains more than 400 calories.

Product Comparison

If you’re looking for inexpensive food for Pitbull puppies, Purina One SmartBlend Pure Instinct is a wise choice. Despite being less expensive, it contains animal products with substantial protein levels.

Real Turkey and Real Venison comprise the first two ingredients. The digestible ingredients in Purina One include 3% Fiber, 17% Fat, and 12% Moisture. Many Pitbull puppy owners have expressed their sincere belief that switching to this meal helped their dog’s gas problems and stomach upset.

High-protein, holistic, and environmentally friendly dog food is Earthborn’s Grain-Free. This dog food is grain- and gluten-free and contains bison and beef meal. These easily digestible proteins are rich in balanced amino acids. 400 calories per cup of Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Dog Food will keep your pet full.

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Final Verdict

With various meat and fat quality, the cuisine has overall well-balanced protein, fat, and carbohydrate levels. Recalls at Purina are higher than usual. When responding to our inquiries, the organization was largely open and honest. I hope you understand all about Purina Pro Plan Performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purina Pro Plan vet recommended?

Yes, dogs can benefit from Purina Pro Plan. Pro Plan dog food formulas offer cutting-edge nutrition and the highest-quality ingredients to nurture your dog’s most extraordinary life. They are supported by 400+ Purina scientists, including nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians. The veterinary community advises Pro Plan.

Is performance good dog food?

Adult dogs with high physical demands which need consistent energy and stamina should choose VICTOR Performance. For mature dogs and large breeds who are prone to joint problems, this multi-protein, nutrient-dense mix is designed especially for them.

Why is Purina Pro Plan recommended?

Adult dogs can receive 100% complete and balanced nutrition with the Purina Pro Plan Adult Dog Food. Probiotics that have been included in the food improve digestion and immune function, and vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids maintain healthy skin and glossy coats.

Is Purina Pro Plan suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

You should feed your dog this Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice Adult Dry Dog Food if you want to keep him happy. It is enriched with live probiotics for digestive health, antioxidants for immune health, fatty acids for skin health, and high-protein salmon, making it healthy and cozy.

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