Paw Plunger For Medium Dogs (Pros + Cons)

Your dog’s paws can be soiled quickly after an exciting day at the park or even just a simple stroll. The finest Paw Plunger For Medium Dogs offers complete cleaning and is portable, whether they’re about to go back into the car or you want an added measure of protection knowing you won’t have prints all over the floor.

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Your dog friend occasionally refuses to cooperate when you’re washing paws. If so, think about purchasing the Paw Plunger, which has a broad, solid base to increase the cup’s stability and an integrated handle to give you more control.

Even if your dog gets particularly rambunctious, spills are kept to a minimum thanks to the spill-resistant opening and practical cover. Even better, since the lid is attached to the cup through a fast link, there is no chance of losing it. However, the first option is a little less portable and heavier. Three sizes and four colors are offered for the Paw Plunger.

Paw washers are not essential, so if money is limited, you shouldn’t feel pressured to get one. These goods are typically not particularly expensive, though. Additionally, Mudbuster paw washers are a cheap and original gift idea for the pet owner who has everything.

Paw Plunger for Medium Dogs

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  • Removes Mud, Dirt, Salt And Sand
  • Preventing Paw Irritation From Contaminates
  • Weighing 15-75 Pounds
  • Ideal Portable Pet Paw Cleaner

The Paw Plunger works wonders for cleaning mud, sand, or grime from your dog’s feet. When it’s raining or after a lovely afternoon at the beach, it’s a good idea to clean his paws before he enters the house. After a romp outside, you may also use a paw washer to wash allergens and environmental contaminants (such as salt) off your dog’s feet.

The Paw Plunger is handy during winter walks because ice-melting substances can be pretty hazardous to dogs. This product may be helpful to clean your dog’s feet after summer walks in the grass if he has a pollen allergy.

Unfortunately, not all dogs benefit from paw washers. Certain breeds of dogs dislike having their paws touched. Nobody knows your dog as you do. I advise trying the Paw Plunger if you believe he might become accustomed to it with some patient training. However, this won’t work if your dog snaps or growls when you touch his paws.

Similar to how more cautious dogs can object to you putting their paw into this item. This paw washer doesn’t generate a lot of noise, unlike those that feature mechanical rotating bristles. While you plunge the foot up and down, the water sloshes a little, but your dog shouldn’t mind unless he fears the water. As I explained, a paw washer is unnecessary. Despite being within most people’s means, you can skip this item if you’re trying to reduce your pet care expenses.


Paw’s plunger has three sizes and three colors, including blue, black, and pink:


  • Opening: 2″, Dimensions: 5.25″ L x 3.5″ W x 4″ H
  • Perfect for kittens, puppies, toy breeds, and dogs up to 15 lbs


  • Dimensions: 8.5″L x 6″W x 6.5″H, opening: 3.5″
  • Best for most breeds of our dear pals, weighing between 15 and 75 pounds


  • 7.25′′ W x 9.75′′ H, Opening 4.5′′
  • For our heaviest best buddies, large-pawed dogs over 75 pounds!

The Paw Plunger has a no-drip top that makes it portable and ideal for cleaning up after outdoor excursions to the mountains or the beach.

When cleaning paws, the Paw Plunger is more straightforward and efficient than using a towel or rag. It benefits dogs with long paw hair in particular. Whether a dog lives in the city or the country, and especially if they don’t like doggie boots, we think the Paw plunger is perfect for any dog that might bring mess into the house.

The paw plunger, in our opinion, is a thoughtful gift for pet owners. The Paw Plunger from PPI is now Dog dad Approved due to its efficient cleaning capabilities and user-friendly design.


  • Pour water into the Paw Plunger until it reaches the top of the first row of bristles.
  • Gently insert your dog’s paw inside the Paw Plunger, then plunge by raising and lowering the Paw Plunger. You can gently drop as many times as necessary because Paw Plunger is paw-friendly.
  • Thoroughly dry each paw with the nearby towel after cleansing it of dirt, mud, ice, or other debris and chemicals.
  • Simple to use
  • Excellent for dogs with long paw hair
  • Snap-on cover that is portable for carrying everywhere
  • The top unscrews easily so that the water may change after each expedition.
  • No cons

Global Rating

4.3 Out Of 5 Stars

Our Experience

I adore this tiny bucket! Our active labradoodle frequently gets her paws muddy and wet while playing outside. When he becomes muddy, we fill the small bucket, screw on the lid, and “dunk” his paws into it instead of wiping them with a small rag as we typically do.

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He is restored to perfect condition by using a rag to wring the extra water out as we remove each one. My paws are clean now. Much nicer than having to bathe him entirely or doing it by hand with numerous rags fortunately, he doesn’t mind using it, either. Wonderful tiny creation! I heartily endorse it!

Product Comparison

The Paw Plunger wash resembles an oversized coffee mug with a lid in its appearance. The cup is filled with warm water, and the top has a hole you can insert your dog’s paw through. Most of the dirt and particles are brushed off the foot and into the water by the inside bristles after a few short dives.

The Mudbuster is so simple to use that it will make it much easier to take your young or potty-training dog outside frequently in muddy conditions. Additionally, as the full product description implies, you may carry it everywhere.

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This Paw Plunger For Medium Dogs simplifies the laborious process of thoroughly cleaning your pet’s paws while also efficiently removing dirt. With only one quick motion, the plunger effectively removes dirt thanks to its revolutionary bristle design.

Paw Plunger cleans up more than just mud and filth; it also removes chemicals, salt, and ice that might irritate your pet’s paws. This paw plunger is available in a medium size for most dogs and petite and large sizes for very small or large dogs. Ordering this product will keep your home tidy and your dog content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of my dog’s muddy paws?

The majority of paw prints should disappear with daily wiping in warm water. Suppose you use vinegar or cleaning solution on your floor; end by sweeping it with plain water. To make cleaning easier, let the muck dry on the carpet. Dry mud on the carpet should first be carefully cleaned off.

How do you use a MudBuster on a dog?

The MudBuster includes soft silicone bristles to clean a dog’s paws inside a cup-like design gently. It should be filled with warm or chilly water before usage. Then, insert each dog paw at a time into the MudBuster while gently twisting and sliding the container up and down.

How can I clean my dog’s paws every day?

Use a washcloth and water to gently wipe the dog’s paws to perform routine paw cleaning. The American Kennel Club suggests using dog-safe moist wipes as an even more practical alternative.

What is the quick way to clean a dog’s paws?

If your paws are muddy, sandy, or salty, dog wipes or other wet wipes labeled appropriate for pet usage can help clean them fast. They’re also ideal to have in a bag if you’re traveling. You might need to switch to a warm, soapy washcloth for more significant problems.

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