Is It Bad To Keep Dog Ashes At Home? Answered

You might want to consider several options for your pet’s ashes. But the main question arises Is It Bad To Keep Dog Ashes At Home? A lot of us view our dogs as cherished members of the family. Every day, our lives are improved by our pets. We create regular routines that include activities with our dogs because we look forward to the time we get to spend with them. On our darkest days, our pets frequently console us. So it seems sensible that we feel a profound, emotional sadness when our pets pass away.

According to studies, people frequently experience intense grief following the loss of a pet for up to two months, with symptoms lasting up to a year. You can process your grief and have time to say goodbye with the support of a respectful cremation ceremony for your pet. Some people opt to store pet ashes in a sentimental location. However, many people also take other possibilities into account.

Is It Bad To Keep Dog Ashes At Home?

There is no right or wrong answer concerning preserving, burying, or scattering your dog’s ashes. Keeping your dog’s ashes in your house can be a reassuring and heartfelt way to maintain a connection with them. Additionally, because of their kindness and playfulness, they help us feel less lonely.

Although they can be a bit rowdy sometimes, we would never trade them for anything in the world. Our pets never cease demonstrating devotion by jumping on us or attaching themselves to our legs. Without a doubt, each of us has a special relationship with our dogs. Our closest buddies are them.

Is It Bad To Keep Dog Ashes At Home

Therefore, when the time comes when they must depart, our pain is overwhelming. Despite our best efforts, they are unable to live eternally with us. They live with us all their lives, whereas we only spend a small portion of ours with them. This does not, however, imply that we will forget about them. Most of us wish to save the ashes after our pets pass, but there is always an opposing force. Are pet ashes terrible to have at home, then?

Even if there are many sayings it is okay to retain pet ashes at home. No terrible omen is connected to keeping your pet’s ashes close. Maintaining it is something you should do if doing so will aid in your grief process. Your pet’s ashes can be kept in an urn and displayed without risk.

However, there can be problems with storage and available space. The vase you select is probably going to be small and readily toppleable. There are alternative methods to remember your cherished pet if that worries you.

Things To Do With The Cremated Ashes Of Your Pet

Pets are members of the family. Therefore we want to pay them a respectful and heartfelt tribute when they die. Your pet’s cremated remains can be used differently to create a lovely and lasting tribute. We’ve highlighted a few of the more well-liked ones below.


Scattering a pet’s cremated remains is one of the most common. This can be done in your yard, a park, a garden, favorite hiking or camping location, a stunning holiday area, etc. It’s crucial first to obtain authorization if it’s going to be carried out on public property or elsewhere. Most pets enjoy being outside, so scattering them across nature is a beautiful way to remember them.

If you decide to spread your pet’s ashes, many people are now using scattering urns made for the purpose. This features Eco Scattering, a natural, bamboo-based, biodegradable scattering urn. There are several benefits to using this unique urn, one of which is that it is made to allow you to scatter your remains safely away from your body.

Additionally, because of its uniquely open and close mechanism, you can dispense your pet’s cremated remains in one place, then re-secure them to scatter them elsewhere or store the extra ashes. Other scattering urns are available; most are made of paper or cardboard, but they lack Eco Scattering’s qualities and are often priced similarly.

A brand-new countrywide service called Escorial Ash Scattering Services was also introduced. It makes it simple for families to scatter their pets and lets you observe the scattering in person or digitally without a guide. With this service, all necessary permissions and approvals are obtained in advance, and the location, date, and time of the final resting place are permanently recorded on the Escorial App and website.

Grow A Tree Memorial

The innovative biodegradable pet urn from The Living Urn is a choice that is gaining popularity as a way to honor your favorite animal companion. With this approach, you can use the bio urn to hold your pet’s cremated remains while following the directions to plant and raise a tree monument as a lovely living remembrance of them.

Is It Bad To Keep Dog Ashes At Home 2

The Living Urn offers more than 50 tree alternatives filtered by zip code to reflect what thrives in your region. The trees have 2-4′ heights and come in quart or gallon pots with strong, healthy roots. When ready to plant your Living Urn bio urn for dogs and trees, it will be shipped directly to your door. Tens of thousands of trees have been produced as part of The Living Urn, and it has received many positive reviews.


The practice of interring pet ashes is one that many families favor. Many people perform this in their backyards, pet cemeteries, or other meaningful locations. Numerous dog and cat cremation urns can be buried, giving your pet a respectable burial. This includes Eco Burial Urn for Pets, the country’s top new option for pet cemeteries.

The Eco Burial Urn is entirely biodegradable and constructed from bamboo, a renewable resource. Although it is a beautiful alternative that is generally buried, many families also decide to keep these in the house because of its appeal.

Perform A Water Burial

Water burials have been performed in memory of people for generations, and now more and more pet owners are doing the same. This covers dispersing a pet’s ashes in the sea or another body of water. Many families charter a boat and head out into the ocean for a water burial of their pet.

Then, in front of family and friends, they hold a ceremony and pay tribute to their cherished pet. Additionally, many people who perform a water burial for their pet opt to use a biodegradable urn made expressly for dispersing cremains in water.

The Eco Water Urn is a biodegradable urn that gently scatters a pet’s ashes in the water after floating for a short time. The bamboo cylinder in which Eco Aquatic is packaged makes it ideal for transporting the urn with your pet’s ashes to the appropriate location for their water burial.

Keep Them In The Home

Several urn options are available for folks who are more conventional and want to keep their cherished pet’s cremated ashes at home with them. You can honor your home pet by ordering a lovely decorative urn. There are many more cremation urn alternatives now, some of which are also offered in sizes for pets, thanks to the recent rise in the number of people selecting cremation over burial.

Grow A Bonsai Tree Or Houseplant

With the new Living Urn Indoors / Patio for Pets, you can grow a lovely bonsai tree or houseplant inside or outside from a gorgeous, high-quality porcelain urn containing the ashes of your cherished pet. This unique plant urn for pets is available in blue, white, or beige and is portable if you relocate. Additionally, you can always display brilliant colors with this unique indoor urn by placing cut flowers in the center!

Grow A Bonsai Tree Or Houseplant 4

Include In A Glass Piece

Many businesses now allow you to infuse your pet’s ashes in a colorful glass item. This one-of-a-kind memorial includes a pet glass heart, orb, or touchstone with complex colors and designs in glass that you can keep with you forever. Use it as a table centerpiece, or put it in that particular spot in your house to keep your cherished pet close to your heart for years to come.

Memorial Portrait

Including your pet’s ashes in a portrait is another creative way to use them. Use a picture of your pet, a remarkable moment you had with them, or something else dear to your heart to do this. Many businesses are doing this right now; nevertheless, you should look at their work examples because some of them produce superior work.

Vinyl Record

Do you have a favorite tune, movie soundtrack, quote, or message that brings back fond memories of your pet? You might consider putting their cremated remains on a vinyl record. Your pet’s ashes are pressed into vinyl recording by several businesses, including Vinyl.

Launch Into Space

There are ways to launch your cherished pet’s cremated remains into space. Celestis provides several solutions at various pricing points to send ashes into orbit. Although it is not the most inexpensive choice, it is one to consider if you want to look at the stars and think about your cherished pet.

Include In A Firework

Include your pet in a firework that may be seen as it bursts in a rainbow of colors as another unusual way to remember a deceased pet. This service is provided by several organizations, including Southern California-based Angels Flight.

Get A Tattoo

Several services available now may include your cherished pet’s ashes into a new tattoo. You can have an image of your pet, their name, or anything else that is dear to you. To find this service nearby, do a fast internet search.

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Include In Jewelry

With a fast search, you can find many possibilities for pet cremation jewelry online. You can add some of their cremated remains to a stunning necklace, bracelet, diamond, or another gemstone. You may wear this lovely choice with pride to honor your animal.

Multiple Keepsakes

 There are numerous pet keepsake alternatives that each contain a small portion of an animal’s ashes. A decorative glass item, one or more jewelry items, a small keepsake scattering urn, or a memento The Living Urn Planter are just a few examples of the lovely keepsakes you can order and split your pet’s ashes among them.


Your pet’s ashes can now be transformed into stone. This can be done through a Parting Stone business, which can turn your pet’s ashes into lovely rocks. Many individuals place these stones in their homes or gardens since they resemble river pebbles.

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Final Summary

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is whether it Is It Bad To Keep Dog Ashes At Home? It is on you to keep your pet’s ashes at home. Since it is not harmful, it is, without a doubt, safe. Please don’t believe people who claim it brings bad luck either, because it doesn’t. Do not let anyone inform you how to feel about losing your pet. When prepared to part with your pet’s ashes, pick the memorial that means the most to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs sense their owner’s ashes?

Even in a house destroyed by a wildfire that most likely reached 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, trained canines can easily detect the unmistakable smell of human cremains. According to Engelbert, these dogs are “fixed on human cremains, not fixed on a person’s scent.”

Can a dog smell another dog’s ashes?

Can dogs smell the ashes of their friends? Since each dog is different, there is no conclusive response to this query. Some dogs might be wiser than others regarding odors, making some of them able to pick up on the aroma of their friend’s ashes.

Can pets smell other pets’ ashes?

Cremated remains typically have no smell. Expect a surviving pet to display indications of loss, even though it’s doubtful that any pets still living at home would react negatively to seeing their deceased friend and companion’s ashes in an urn.

What did you do with your dog’s ashes?

·       Consider your pet’s favorite park or beach a special place to spread the ashes.
·       Many people enter their pet’s ashes in their gardens or pet cemeteries.
·       Wear jewelry specially made with your pet’s ashes inside to keep them near you.

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