How To Get A Lizard Out Of Your House Without Killing It?

In this post, we’ll give you our top advice on How To Get A Lizard Out Of Your House Without Killing It? Lizards contribute significantly to the health of our ecosystem by managing insect populations and reducing insect activity. They could make infections like Lyme disease less common.

However, you generally don’t want lizards to wander onto your property or enter your house. If you have a lizard issue, you need a fix immediately. Thankfully, our crew is on hand to assist. Every day, the reptile control experts at Smith’s Pest Management exterminate lizards from homes in Northern California.

How To Get A Lizard Out Of Your House Without Killing It?

Natural lizard deterrents made from peacock feathers have been used for centuries. Lizards should be kept away from your home if you add peacock feathers. You can eliminate lizards without really killing them by using anything to frighten them away, such as the aroma of peacock feathers.

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How To Remove Lizards From Home Naturally?

You can use a variety of easy home remedies to get rid of lizards within your home. Here is a handful you can utilize to your advantage.


 Coffee and tobacco balls are the best way to get rid of lizards. These balls can be placed in every room of the house, and you can notice that the lizards leave or perish as a result.

Naphthalene Balls

Put some naphthalene balls about your house in every cabinet, drawer, and crevice. Lizards avoid these balls because of their terrible smell.

Pepper Spray

Spray the mixture in areas of the house where you notice lizards after combining some pepper powder with water. They avoid pepper because of an allergy, which irritates them.


Lizards are primarily found in warm climates because they enjoy the warmth. This can be fixed by spraying the lizard with cold water, which reduces its mobility so you can catch and get rid of it.

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Peacock Feather

Lizards fear peacocks since they are known to eat them for dinner. Consequently, a peacock feather should deter lizards.


Lizards get queasy when they smell the intense fragrance of eggshells. They also give them the idea that an enormous creature is around, which makes them fearful.

Tobasco Sauce Spray

Fill a spray can with a spoonful or two of the sauce mixture mixed with water. To deter lizards, spray this on your walls or in areas where you frequently find them.


Onion Onion sulfur emits a strong odor that lizards cannot stand. Slices of onion can be sliced and placed around the house, or onion juice and water can be sprayed.


Garlic cloves scattered around the house will release a potent aroma to help keep lizards out. You may also combine some garlic juice with water and spritz it for the same result.


Both catching lizards and flies are possible with flypaper. If you stick some of these sheets to the wall, you can find some lizards stuck to the adhesive. Later, you can quickly get rid of them.

Phenyl Tablets

Phenyl pills can be scattered around the house to scare off lizards. Lizards won’t be drawn to these tablets because of their unpleasant odor, which will deter them.


The lemony scent of lemongrass is an excellent choice for keeping your home feeling lovely while keeping lizards away. Just scatter some lemongrass blades about your house.

How To Inspect For Lizards?

Once you’ve determined that you have a lizard issue, you must search your property for lizard activity signals. We suggest the following actions:

How To Inspect For Lizards
  • Examine popular hiding spots. Lizards prefer relaxed, protected settings once more. Look for lizards or their droppings, which resemble small black pellets with a white tip, in your home, garage, kitchen, or outdoor sheds by looking beneath junk. Search popular hiding places like warm, damp regions of the garden if you’re hunting for lizards outside.
  • Observe entry points. Lizards can fit through small cracks in your wall, gaps in your doors or windows, or other small openings. Check out these possible lizard highways while you check your property.
  • Look at your screens. Open windows or windows with damaged screens are a simple way for lizards to get into houses. Double-check all of your window screens to be sure they are in place and in good condition while you inspect your property.

Lizards are less likely than other pests to leave a trail of ruin in your garden or landscape because they mostly eat insects. Nevertheless, inspecting your vegetable and fruit plants is a good idea since lizards value these as essential food sources.

What Attracts Lizards In The House And Yard?

Despite being little reptiles, most people do not consider lizards to be pests. They might occasionally take over your house, yard, or garden. You could be dealing with a significant issue if this happens. The first step in solving a lizard issue is determining its underlying cause. Here are a handful of the principal offenders:

Food Sources

Like other pests, lizards are food-obsessed and will happily establish a home anywhere they can find it. Although lizards primarily consume worms, ants, spiders, beetles, and flies (meaning you’ll likely have a lizard problem if you have other pest problems), they also enjoy fruits, vegetables, and food scraps left behind by humans. As a result, they are frequent in restrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas like compost piles and gardens.


Provide a lot of the cold, dark environments that shelter lizards prefer. They commonly hide outdoors under sheds, raised garden beds, benches, and behind furniture and cabinets.


Water from pet bowls, birdbaths, or even dripping faucets and pipes is plenty for lizards to live and thrive for months.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards In Your Yard?

If there are lizards outside, you may want to eliminate them as soon as possible. At Smith’s Pest Management, we advocate compassionately removing lizards. There are many efficient ways to eliminate lizards without hurting or killing them, and there are very few good reasons to do so. In light of that, the following are our top picks:

How To Get Rid Of Lizards In Your Yard

Use Homemade Deterrents

If you have lizards on your porch or under your siding, you can easily get rid of them with DIY pepper spray. Combine cayenne or Tabasco sauce with water and mist the solution wherever you see lizard activity. This straightforward but powerful method can quickly solve your lizard issue.

Plant Outdoor Plants That Repel Lizards

Pepper works well as a reptile deterrent, but can other plants do the same? Repellent plants can be a useful tool in the fight against lizards.

Here are some suggestions:

  • pencil trees, 
  • eucalyptus
  • peppermint

These plants have a strong smell that repels lizards; therefore, using them in your garden and landscaping is a terrific approach to getting rid of them.

Keep Your Landscaping Tidy

Why do you think your yard has so many lizards? The fact that you’re giving them a lot of shelters could be one straightforward explanation. Keep your landscaping neat and orderly to eliminate any places where lizards can hide. Trim the trees and hedges, sweep the porches and decks, and eliminate any standing water (which will discourage pests).

Contact a Pest Control Expert

If you need help with your DIY methods, engaging with a professional pest management company like Smith’s can help eliminate lizards. Smith’s can examine your property, evaluate your lizard problem, and devise a thorough, efficient, humane method.

Measures To Take For Keeping Lizards Away

You can take a few basic precautions to prevent a lizard infestation in your home and choose severe measures to maintain your home lizard-free. The dos and don’ts listed below can help you deter lizards from invading your home.


  • Keep the place tidy.
  • Close your windows and doors. Seal off any gaps, holes, or openings that could be used as entry points for the lizards or other pests.
  • A well-kept home will have less damp, dusty, and closed-off locations that can entice a lizard.
  • Like many other pests, lizards are drawn to lights.
  • Put metal screens over your open windows to keep lizards out by turning off the lights while you’re not in the room or when you don’t need them.
  • To prevent providing lizards with cozy hiding places, don’t overcrowd the area in your home and leave 5 to 6 inches between your furniture and the walls.
  • Keep insects out of your home.
  • When there is no prey to hunt, lizards will also avoid your home. Having a cat can also deter bugs.


Wall hangings and frames provide lizards with lots of hiding places. Keep the number of wall hangings in your home to a minimum.

  • Aim to avoid spilling food or beverages on the ground.
  • Because stagnant water is where mosquitoes and other insects breed, lizards find it very appealing. Eliminate any standing water.
  • Regularly empty garbage cans
  • Having them in your house is an ugly addition if you can’t handle lizards.
  • Using the abovementioned measures, it is wise to eliminate them and maintain a clean, pest-free home.
  • You can also purchase a cat that will kill or chase the lizards away in addition to that.
  • Try catching them in a cardboard box and releasing them outside if you want to eliminate them without harming them.

How Do Pest Control Specialists Get Rid Of Lizards?

Smith’s Pest Management will assist you if you require complete lizard control. The method our reptile control experts will use to solve your lizard problem is as follows:


We need to understand what we’re selling before we can fix your lizard issue. To find lizard access points, high-traffic areas, and hiding locations, our experts will thoroughly examine your house and property. We’ll create an ongoing treatment and control strategy along with identifying the lizard species on your property.


Next, we’ll use exclusion techniques and pest management measures to address your lizard issue. This combination strategy is efficient and humane (we never kill lizards; instead, we merely remove them off your property). The outcome is a spotless, cozy, and lizard-free environment.


Upkeep and subsequent treatments are frequently necessary to keep lizards off your property. To assist in keeping your home free of pests without forcing you to schedule each treatment manually, we offer annual pest management programs. To find out more, call us right away.

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You can do infrequent things to stop a lizard infestation, aside from dramatic steps to keep them out of your house. The best strategies to keep lizards out of the house are fixing leaky pipes, closing windows and doors, turning off lights when leaving a room, and regularly cleaning the house.

You can even engage pest control services to get rid of lizards and other pests from your house. To make the pest control service safer, use MyGate Apartment Security to only permit authorized pest control technicians to access the building.

Lizards are a repulsive addition to any house if you can’t stand them. Using the abovementioned techniques, you may get rid of them and keep your home clean and pest-free. Along with the previously mentioned methods of removing lizards from the house, you may also get a cat to chase the animals away. Use the How To Get A Lizard Out Of Your House Without Killing It? Tips to get rid of them in your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are lizards scared of?

The fragrance of things like cayenne, pepper, and hot sauce keeps lizards away. For optimal results, combine a pint of warm water with two tablespoons of your preferred pepper. Spray the mixture along access points like doors and windows and in the corners of your house after thoroughly shaking it.

How do you get rid of a lizard without touching it?

Apparently, pepper irritates lizards, so they’ll avoid certain areas. For this do-it-yourself method of lizard removal, home remedies, Tabasco sauce, chili flakes, and red chili powder all work just as well.

Are lizards scared of light?

Lizards prefer warm, sunny surroundings since they have cold blood. Turning off the lights can make the space less welcoming when you leave a room.

Do lizards remember you?

Lizards can develop close bonds with humans despite their cold-blooded appearance. According to a group of experts, Iguanas recognize their human handlers and greet them differently than strangers.

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