Do Pomeranians And Pugs Get Along? (Quick Answer)

Here we will discuss Do Pomeranians And Pugs Get Along? One of the top dog breeds is the pomeranian. They are renowned for being sharp, energetic, and curious. These canines are adorable, tiny, and fun to play with. They could always use some playmates because they are so active and playful.

Therefore, keep reading this page to learn which dog breeds get along with Pomeranians the best. The response may change depending on the breed. At the same time, some Pomeranians fare well with larger dogs, some like canines that are more similar to them in size. To determine which dogs your pomeranian gets along with best, you must pay close attention to them.

Do Pomeranians And Pugs Get Along?

Pomeranians and pugs get along well. They coexist peacefully. The fact that they are almost the same size could be one of the leading causes of this. You can handle them more quickly because they are around the same size.

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What Dogs Do Pomeranians Get Along With – Factors To Consider

Which dog breeds get along with Pomeranians depends on several different criteria. In this article, we have talked about them. The conditions of the canines’ first encounter also significantly impact whether or not they will get along. When exposing your pomeranian to different breeds, keep in mind to be patient and give them some time. This might significantly improve their ability to get along with various dog breeds.

Pomeranians occasionally take their time to warm up to another dog and may not do so right away. The likelihood that they will get along with the other breed increases the more time they spend with them.

Remember that if your dog is hanging out with another dog breed, you shouldn’t leave them unattended. Observe them closely to ensure their security, but it will be preferable if they interact with other species more frequently. The following dog breeds get along well with Pomeranians.

Big Dogs

Big dogs that get along with your Pomeranian are huskies, golden retrievers, Samoyeds, and Basset Hounds. These breeds are affectionate but amusing. They are not particularly aggressive or domineering. These canines are adaptable, which makes them suitable candidates for your Pomeranian. One of the friendliest breeds of dogs is the golden retriever.

They are family dogs and get along with almost any dog breed, so you don’t have to worry about them getting along with your Pomeranian. They are also quite gentle, so pairing them with your Pomeranian would be perfect.

Huskies and Pomeranians may not seem like a good match, but you’d be surprised. These two might get along even though they are incredibly different because sometimes opposites attract, but this isn’t always the case, so be careful.

Because of their prey drive, huskies might occasionally find it difficult to get along with other dogs. You need to introduce them when they are young to get along with one another. The likelihood that they will get along if raised together since they were puppies is significantly higher.

The Husky might outgrow the Pomeranian if this were not the case. However, if the two of them have been friends since they were puppies, you shouldn’t be concerned about them growing apart because they would have spent much time together.

Small Dogs

Buying a tiny dog for your Pomeranian may be a good idea since dogs of comparable sizes get along well. Since they can’t hurt them, smaller canines pose less of a threat to these animals. Shih-Tzus, corgis, collies, and other little dogs are some of the best choices for small dogs that get along with your Pomeranian.

Each canine has a pleasant disposition and will like playing with your Pomeranian. Due to their similar sizes, likely, they won’t feel as intimidated by them, making it more straightforward for them to get along.


The Pug and the Pom are the best of pals. They’re compatible with one another. One possible explanation is that they are around the same size. Being around the same size also facilitates their manipulation. They can interact so freely because they are both vibrant and lively.

Do pomeranians and pugs get along

Pugs and Pomeranians get along quite well, which has a lot to do with how laid-back they are. Pugs are laid-back, making up for the fact that Pomeranians could be a little more difficult due to their disposition. Another trait they have is the ease with which they can adjust to various situations.

The two of them getting along depends on several other factors, like how they are introduced to one another and how long they have known one another. Please submit them both at a young age because that is how they will get along best.

These breeds are all intelligent and affectionate. They are devoted creatures and will play with one another. You can feel secure knowing the Pomeranian won’t bite when your Pug is hanging out with them.

Things Poms And Pugs Have In Common

Because they are nearly the same size, taking care of both is simpler. They get along well with each other because they don’t need a lot of activity. That’s also a critical factor in why they make excellent apartment pets.

Additionally, they can quickly adjust to changing environments and lifestyles. Since these breeds were developed to be companion animals, companionship is one of their best qualities. They will stick by your side and follow you.

It will help if you arm yourself with the appropriate brushes for both short and long fur as they both shed. You’ll need to groom your Pug moderately. The Pom, though, a little bit more. Both breeds are kind and intelligent.

They are also devoted, upbeat, and amusing. Pugs and ponies require a lot of social engagement. They would be an excellent match if they were introduced at a young age. While you are gone, they will keep each other company.

You should be aware that neither of them enjoys being left alone. Your Pom and Pug will become close to you and may become anxious if they are separated from you. You should be aware that these little dogs are fiercely territorial in addition to their gentle side.

They won’t bite anyone, so you don’t have to be concerned. The likelihood is slim. However, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you if they see something suspicious. Even though that isn’t their primary function, they make capable watchdogs.

Differences Between Poms And Pugs

When bringing a breed home, some people have specific requirements. You should become familiar with what Poms and Pugs have in common if you’re one of them and looking for two breeds with comparable traits. Also, the opposite Pomeranians and Pugs can be distinguished most obviously by their color.

Differences Between Poms And Pugs

Pugs are only available in the color fawn black. The most common colors for Pomeranians are brown, orange, white, black, tan, red, gray, and blue. Both breeds are comparable in size. However, Pugs are slightly taller.

Pomeranians Are Easier To Train Than Pugs

Pugs have an average level of prey drive. Most of the time, this doesn’t make them more likely to chase other creatures, but it does happen. Pugs are more appropriate for families with more minor children because they are kid-friendly. Pomeranians, on the other hand, can become highly irritable when around young children. Once the kids are older, you can travel with a Pom.

While Pugs Are Dog-Friendly, Pomeranians Are More Selective

Pugs are also amiable toward outsiders. Pomeranians can be aggressive if they need to defend their owner and view others with suspicion. What kind of family do you introduce your Pug and Pomeranian into is crucial if you consider obtaining both pets. Keep in mind that pugs are suitable pets for seniors.

Not so much with Pomeranians. Additionally, a Pomeranian is an ideal breed for you if you’re seeking assistance with canines, but a Pug won’t do. In terms of health, pugs have a propensity to put on weight. The risk varies from ordinary to high with Pomeranians.

Have You Noticed Dogs Have A Specific Scent?

Due to Pugs’ tendency to stink, you will probably be able to smell it if you own one. Compared to Pugs, Pomeranians have fewer odds of smelling terrible.

How To Introduce A Pomeranian To A Pug (And Vice Versa)

It would help if you didn’t assume that because your present pet is friendly and has never shown any signs of misbehavior, the two canines will get along well as soon as you bring the new furry family member home. It’s up to you to set the scene for the first meeting between the Pug and the Pom.

A friend, coworker, or neighbor with a dog may be able to help you determine how your present dog may behave to a new one. They are welcome to bring their dog to a neutral location to meet their present pet. The person should have a dog of the same breed as the one you plan to introduce to your dog. This could lead to a battle between the two dogs, so use caution.

Pay close attention to the dogs’ body postures to determine if this is likely to occur. The following possible scenario is for one dog to attack the other if both canines start to stare at each other while frozen in place. When animals ignore one another, it shows that they get along. They demonstrate their disinterest in one another as a thread in this way. They might even end up becoming friends over time.

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To Conclude

Here is the conclusion of the topic Do Pomeranians And Pugs Get Along? Both Pomeranians and pugs are small, perceptive dog breeds. They get along well with both people and other dogs and are outgoing and friendly. Pomeranians and pugs are compatible. They coexist in harmony. One of the main causes of this could be their similar sizes. Because they are around the same size, they are easier to manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pugs or Pomeranians have any health issues?

Pomeranians and pugs are two dog breeds that are frequently compared in terms of disposition and looks. However, owners of these breeds should be aware of a few health issues. Pugs are prone to various health issues, such as hip dysplasia, eye, and respiratory problems. Additionally, several health issues, such as dental, luxating patellas, and von Willebrand’s disease, are more common among Pomeranians.

How should a pug or pomeranian be socialized?

Taking a pug or pomeranian on walks, to the dog park, or puppy courses are some of the most acceptable methods to socialize them. To help them become accustomed to all types of situations, it’s crucial to expose them to diverse people and animals.

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