Can I Switch From Heartgard To Interceptor? Expert Answer

If you have a furry family member and are a pet parent, you’ve found yourself looking for the finest heartworm preventative to keep them safe from harmful worms. The two most popular options are Interceptor and Heartgard Plus. Even though both of these drugs might assist in keeping your pet healthy, a few key distinctions can help you compare the two. To help you decide, we have put together some more information about Can I Switch From Heartgard To Interceptor?

Can I Switch From Heartgard To Interceptor?

While Heartguard does not prevent whipworms, Interceptor, in my opinion, also protects against hookworms, roundworms, and heartworms.

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How Do Interceptor And Heartgard Plus Differ?

There are several ways in which these drugs are comparable. Both medicines are once-monthly, chewable, prescription-only, and have a delicious beef flavor. Both can be used safely on pups (From 2 pounds and four weeks of age, Interceptor, and six weeks of age, Heartgard Plus). They both help prevent heartworms and provide further defense against hookworms and roundworms.

Heartgard Plus is not safe for nursing mother dogs. However, Interceptor is safe for use in lactating dogs. Heartgard Plus is solely designed for dogs, whereas Interceptor is safe for use in cats (although Heartgard for Cats is a cat-friendly option). Interceptor further protects whipworms. While Heartgard Plus has Pyrantel Pamoate and Ivermectin as its active ingredients, Interceptor has Milbemycin Oxime as its main constituent.

Choosing Between Interceptor And Heartgard Plus

A few factors could help you choose which of these two beautiful goods is most useful for you and your pet if you attempt to pick between them. First, if you own a cat, you should choose Interceptor or consider Heartgard for Cats.

The safest choice is Interceptor if your dog is nursing or if you have a puppy between the ages of 4 and 6 weeks. Interceptors can be the best option to shield your pet from whipworms. You may select any of these beautiful products if your dog is pregnant or breeding, older than six weeks old, or both.

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Consult your pet’s veterinarian about your alternatives if you’re still unclear about which product to select. They will be more than delighted to reply to your inquiries and concerns. Ask the pharmacists at Allivet if you have more questions after receiving your pet’s medication! Inquiries concerning these and other Allivet products can be sent to our qualified pharmacists, who are ready to assist you.

Can Heartworms Be Resistant To Interceptor?

Sadly, some heartworms have developed resistance to macrocyclic lactones like Interceptor. In contrast to other brands, there is no proof that worms are more or less prone to create Interceptor resistance. Since heartworm is dangerous and there is very little chance that your dog may acquire a resistant infection, you should continue giving your dog his treatment. Even if they are getting prophylactic medication, all dogs susceptible to heartworm infection should undergo annual blood tests to check for an infection.

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Final Summary

I hope you understand all about Can I Switch From Heartgard To Interceptor? It doesn’t matter if you alternate between different monthly medicines to avoid heartworm disease. Many individuals are unaware of how products like Heartgard and Trifexis operated in the past.

It destroys any heartworm larvae obtained within the last month when a dose is administered, in other words. Heartworm that is still juvenile and just 30 days old is harmless, but they are restricted to the skin and subcutaneous tissues near where the mosquito has bitten the dog. They do not prevent infection with the parasite. It doesn’t matter which product you use because each monthly heartworm treatment acts independently of earlier treatments.

The lone exception is using a tiny Heartgard and depending on its reach-back. Heartgard (partially) kills young heartworms up to 4m old if used for 12 consecutive months. It has a 4-month reach-back. Milbemycin oxime-containing products like Trifexis have a 1-2 month reach-back.

In this approach, Heartgard should be used for a year. Relying on reach-back is not suggested because efficacy declines to 95% after 12 months, whereas monthly dosing is 100%. Switching between products may be tougher to remember than using one. Heartworm prevention requires robust compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the active ingredient in Interceptor?

There is Milbemycin Oxime in Interceptor. It is a member of the group of drugs known as macrocyclic lactones, which are efficient at eliminating immature heartworms to stop them from entering the heart. Additionally, it will eradicate whipworm, roundworm, and hookworm.

How frequently do I have to give Interceptor?

All year round, Interceptor must be administered once per month. Any baby worms will be killed by this and prevented from reaching your dog’s heart. Your dog could become infected if you skip even one month of medication.

Are there any dogs who cannot have Interceptor?

To receive Interceptor treatment, puppies must be at least four weeks old and weigh at least 2 pounds (1 kilogram). Before beginning treatment with Interceptor, dogs older than seven months old should have a blood test to be sure they do not already have a heartworm infection. There aren’t any recognized problems with Interceptor in any specific canine breed.

How Much Does Interceptor Cost?

You must consult your veterinarian or drugstore for pricing because Interceptor’s cost varies depending on where you live. The price is often comparable to other monthly heartworm preventatives, such as Heartgard Plus.

Where can I buy Interceptor?

The drug interceptor is only available by prescription. It is available from your veterinarian directly or through a drugstore with a prescription. Anywhere that tries to sell you Interceptor without a prescription should be avoided since you could not be obtaining a safe or valuable product.

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