Can I Give My Dog A Lower Dose Of Nexgard? (Answered)

Our innocent canine friends are frequently the unfortunate victims of our accidental errors and he wants to know Can I Give My Dog A Lower Dose Of Nexgard? whether because we’ve been awake all night due to a nonstop crying child or because we’ve missed our usual morning double-shot oat milk iced mochaccino.

Mistakes could have catastrophic repercussions, like giving Apoquel or Heartgard in excess. If you recently yelled in a panic, “I gave my dog the wrong dose of NexGard! Rest assured that your apprehension is understandable once you come to your senses.

You’ll be relieved to know that worrying is also (nearly) completely needless. Because NexGard has an extensive margin of safety regarding canines, any significant adverse effects would require an extremely high dose.

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Your dog might encounter a few mild unpleasant symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea, but these are generally self-limiting and will go away on their own in a day or two. Rarely canines with a history of neurological disorders may be more susceptible to tremors and seizures. Therefore, it would be wise to take your dog to the veterinarian immediately if you know that it has these problems.

Can I Give My Dog A Lower Dose Of Nexgard?

Yes, giving her two doses of Nexgard should be safe. 2 of the 10–24 lb doses contain less of the active substance than 1 of the 24–60 lb doses. Each 10-24 lb dose chewable contains 28.3 mg of afoxolaner. Each chewable for the 24-60 lb dose contains 68 mg of afoxolaner.

Depending on the size, it might even be too little for some dogs, but it should be okay. For any other concerns or questions, just let me know. I hope this was useful. I aim to ensure you receive all the information you require and answer all your questions.

I Accidentally Gave My Dog Two Doses Of Nexgard Do I Need To Be Concerned?

Your dog is unlikely to have many negative responses regardless of whether you unintentionally gave him two, three, or even five doses of NexGard (subject to an exception that will be explored later on in this section).

The main component of NexGard poses very low risks of causing any internal harm because it is not structurally poisonous to a dog’s body or organs. It was previously demonstrated in clinical research that most tested dogs were in good health even after receiving six doses of NexGard, five times the prescribed amount over two to four weeks!

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Only a few of the dogs suffered nausea and diarrhea as minor side effects, and no significant changes in body weight, clinical and gross pathology, organ weight, or histopathology were observed as a result of the treatment.

Another sizable American trial that involved the treatment of over 600 dogs over 90 days likewise revealed that the NexGard treatments had few side effects. Again, the incidence rates for the most frequent side effects, including vomiting, diarrhea, and dry, flaking skin, were all less than 4.1%. Even then, the symptoms disappeared on their own within a short while. The following other, much less frequent adverse effects of taking NexGard are possible

  • Lethargy
  • Itchiness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Rash outbreaks and red skin
  • Allergic symptoms, including swelling and hives
  • Muscle twitches
  • Spoiled stools

The drug has no known contraindications, though it has not yet been adequately proven safe for pregnant or nursing dogs. As a result, NexGard is a very safe medication for the majority of dogs.

In actuality, the packaging is usually the component of the medication that poses the most significant risk especially if it is chewed up and ingested! There is a caveat, though, as with most things: First of all, congrats on noticing that the word “most” was used in the previous two phrases.

Second, as a part of the isoxazoline class, afoxolaner the actual scientific name for NexGard—has been linked to adverse neurological effects. Ataxia (discoordination, walking as if intoxicated), muscle tremors, and especially seizures can be harmful neurological side effects.

Therefore, if you know that your dog has a history of seizures or a propensity for them, you should be worried if you mistakenly give them two doses of NexGard. Two dogs in the same US study mentioned above with a history of seizures had them between one and nineteen days after taking a dosage of NexGard. A third dog, which had previously experienced episodes, did not.

Can I Cut Nexgard In Half To Allow Easier Chewing?

Cut the tablet in half to make the NexGard tablet simpler for your dog to chew if they are minor or have any dental problems like gingivitis or cavities. However, ensure they consume both pieces if you decide to do this!

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A dog will frequently nibble on one side, determine they don’t like the flavor, and then reject the other entirely. If you employ this technique, the Nexgard tablets will practically become ineffective. If you must separate the NexGard pill, it can be simpler to incorporate it into your dog’s food so they can eat it all without noticing!

Can I Crush Up NexGard?

NexGard chews may be crushed up for your dog. There is no enteric coating on the tablets, so it should still work. However, since these chews typically have an enticing flavor to dogs, you won’t usually need to crush them up.

Although they’re not very difficult either, dogs with dental issues could find it a little challenging to chew them. First, try giving it to your dog as a treat. If that doesn’t work, you might think about chopping it up and giving it to your dog.

How To Crush Up Nexgard For Your Dog?

It can be a little unsafe to crush up your dog’s medication. It’s simple to lose track of the broken pieces, and it can be challenging to determine whether your dog has consumed all of them. If your dog cannot ingest the chewable tablet as intended, smashing it may be the only practical option to provide them with the necessary medicine.

To begin with, place the NexGard chew in your dog’s food bowl. It will crumble if you use a metal spoon to press on it. Then, combining their preferred wet food and dry food won’t work well for this thoroughly with the broken-up Nexgard chew.

To ensure that the wet food x crushed medicine combo is wholly digested, watch over your dog while they eat it. A second dose will need to be given if they vomit after eating for any reason, so keep a watch on them afterward as well!

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NexGard isn’t right for every dog, just like any drug. For the bare minimum dosage, some canines are too small. Some people might turn down chewing. If so, you’ll need to find an alternative way to get rid of the fleas on your dog.

Fortunately, several more options include flea-killing topical medicines and collars like Frontline and Seresto. Without a doubt talk to your veterinarian if NexGard or the alternatives don’t seem to be the best option for your dog; they know what’s best for your pet and can give you guidance about Can I Give My Dog A Lower Dose Of Nexgard?

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