Can Dogo Argentino Kill Pitbull? (Quick Answer)

Let’s begin Can Dogo Argentino Kill Pitbull? Pit Bulls and Dogo Argentinos are so similar that they are frequently confused, mainly if the Pit is all-white. Of course, you won’t make that error if you are the proud owner of one of these canines.

Both types are friendly, joyful dogs eager to make new acquaintances. The Dogo Argentino (sometimes called the Argentinian Fighting Dog) is often a little more reserved than Pit Bulls. The Dogo is more reserved until he gets to know you, but the Pit Bull will welcome you to his house much more vigour.

Can Dogo Argentino Kill Pitbull

Since the topic of this post is Dogo Argentino vs. Pit Bull, we’ll focus on the distinctions between the two breeds. There is no getting around the fact that Dogos are less accepting of strangers than Pit Bulls, but there are other distinctions.

Can Dogo Argentino Kill Pitbull?

They can. No doubt. That would be comparable to asking why people believe a UFC fighter can defeat an NFL linebacker. Due to their ability. Without a doubt, the linebacker is much more effective at his job than a UFC fighter. He can also whoop ass. Most likely bigger, stronger, and faster. However, he is not a professional in a ring battle, whereas the UFC fighter is. He’s going to lose that match.

Because many pit bulls are undoubtedly amateur fighters, things with them are now more problematic. A dog might defeat a pit bull at any time. A pet pit bull will lose to a working hunting dog that captures hogs and cougars. But any dog will lose to an elite professional fighting pit bull.

Why Is Pitbull So Dangerous Breed?

Because of their aggressive nature, Pitbulls are among the most dangerous dog breeds in the world and are prohibited in many nations. They are known to attack people, particularly strangers they have come into contact with.


However, it is said that there are considerably more deadly canines than pitbull, and some of these dog breeds are thought to be able to kill a pit bull quickly. The pitbull is also recognized as the best fighting dog in underworld dog fighting.

Pitbull assaults its opponent with a bite force of 235 PSI, which is also quite lethal and quite deadly if they attack someone’s neck. American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are the three main subgroups of Pitbulls.

Their eagerness and method of using their 235 PSI super force to assault the opponent’s neck is the primary factor in their victory. Here are four dog breeds that are thought to be able to kill a pit bull quickly.

I believe it is cruel to allow dogs to fight for people’s entertainment because dogs also experience pain and occasionally pass away for people’s enjoyment. Please share your opinions about dog fighting for entertainment in the comments section.


The South African Boerboel has power and a bite force to be reckoned with; the pitbull is no match for the ferocious strength of the Boerboel. The savage strength of a Boerboel can easily outweigh that of a pit bull.


Argentina Dogo

The Argentinian Dogo Argentino, mainly employed for game hunting, resembles the pitbull but is unrelated to it. The dog is known to lock on to its prey similarly to the pitbull, but it is stronger than the pitbull.

Argentina Dogo

The Canary Presa

The press Canario and pitbull are both solid and muscular. Still, the Canario is noticeably more significant than the pitbull, giving it the upper hand in a fight with a pit bull.

The Canary Presa

Inu Tosa

As you can see from the tosa’s resemblance to the South African Boerboel and its size advantage over Pitbulls, combined with its history as a fighting breed, make the tosa an ideal opponent for Pitbulls in a fight.

YouTube video


Now, you have your answer regarding Can Dogo Argentino Kill Pitbull? People believe Pitbulls to be an all-powerful, badass dog since they have seen them in extreme forms, or they don’t think any other dog could compare. Dogo Argentinos are another less well-known breed, yet they are common in every neighborhood and frequently make national headlines for their aggressive behavior.

Pits are also more likely to be motivated to fight another dog than dogs who do it to dominate but lack the blind aggressiveness that many pits exhibit toward other canines. If both breeds truly wanted to fight, it wouldn’t be pretty, but the dog would prevail owing to size, even if they both had the same level of passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did cane Corsos compete against Pitbulls?

Is Cane Corsos more powerful than Pit Bulls? A Cane Corso will probably be more potent than a Pit Bull, as seen by the biting force alone. However, a dog’s strength must also consider the rest of its body and the power of its jaw. The Cane Corso triumphs once more in this aspect!

How powerful is Dogo Argentino?

You may be sure that they are swift and robust because they are adept at pursuing large wildlife like boars and pumas. Although they are also highly amiable, their 500 psi bite makes them one of the dog breeds with the strongest bites.

How powerful is an Argentine Dogo’s bite?

This dog breed’s jaw strength is highly noteworthy because it can bite with a 500 PSI force. The fact that these dogs enjoy playing games and are hunters must be considered. Their size and reflexes assist with it, but their powerful bite is the main deterrent to provoking them.

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