Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food (Review)

Since Pitbulls are inherently muscular canines, they require a well-balanced diet to support the development and maintenance of their body. Selecting food that is inappropriate for your dog will lead to poor general health, which can prevent your pitbull from realizing its full physical potential and affect its coat’s beauty. If you want Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food, you may have discovered that buying any commercial dog food from the grocery store is not enough.

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Take the time to assess your dog’s diet to see if it complies with AAFCO regulations if you want them to develop its maximum muscle potential. The components must be of excellent quality to assist your dog in maintaining a healthy weight and adding lean muscle.

One of the more perplexing product lines we’ve encountered is the Pro Plan SPORT range from Purina. Because the dishes’ quality varies, it’s challenging to make a general judgment. Some of them like the grain-free formula are pretty good, but we find that others include far too many questionable components.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

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  • Uses Real Meat
  • More Calories
  • Suitable For Adult Dogs
  • Feed Up To 50% Less Food

High-performance dog food from Bully Max was developed for working and active dogs. The company’s website claims that since 2008, its formulae have undergone approximately 22,000 hours of research and development. This brand of dog food is among the newest on the market, but it has already attracted a large following of dog owners with active and active canines.

What distinguishes Bully Max High-Performance Dog Food from other pet food manufacturers? I checked into this now well-known dog food brand since I had the same query In this review, I’ll tell you everything there is to know about Bully Max, what I learned from extensive research and testing, and whether my dogs thought it too be tasty.

About 30% of the protein in Bully Max dog food comes from natural, real meat, which will help your Pitbull puppies put on weight and develop stronger muscles while preventing obesity in adult dogs.

Additionally, the food has 20% fat to support your puppies’ healthy growth. Pitbulls that are active are more energized when they consume more calories and foods with high protein levels. Bully Max for Pitbull’s ingredients is free of artificial grains, additives, wheat, soy, and corn, which is another advantage.

How Is Bully Max Dog Food Made?

Bully Max Dog Food offers a 100% all-natural meat formula in their high-protein dog food. This is excellent for increasing and developing muscular mass. The formulae were explicitly created for dogs of all life stages to improve physique, performance, and energy levels.

Bully Max Dog Food utilizes components including flaxseed, kelp, fish oil, and brown rice to offer balanced and comprehensive nourishment. The dishes are fortified with probiotics and vitamins and minerals.

Like calcium pantothenate, sodium selenite, biotin, ascorbic acid, niacin, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D3 supplements, thiamin, and others. Bully Max Dog Foods also has a stellar star rating and positive consumer feedback on internet review sites.

Ingredient Analysis

This dog food contains chicken meal as its first ingredient. The chicken meal has roughly 300% more protein than raw chicken as a concentrated flesh. Brown rice, a complex carbohydrate that can be relatively simple to digest once cooked, is the second component.

But aside from its inherent energy, rice only has a moderate nutritional value for dogs. Hen fat is the third component. This product is made from rendering chicken, a method comparable to producing soup in which the fat is scanned from the top of the liquid.

Linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid necessary for life, is abundant in chicken fat. Despite not seeming particularly enticing, chicken fat is a high-quality component. Beet pulp is included in the fourth component. Beet pulp, a high-fiber byproduct of sugar beet processing, is a contentious component.

While some criticize beet pulp as a cheap filler, others point out its remarkable advantages for blood sugar control and digestive health. We’re merely drawing your attention to the dispute because we think it’s perfectly acceptable for most dog foods to contain beet pulp in moderation.

Sorghum makes up the fifth ingredient. A starchy cereal grain with a similar nutritional profile to corn is sorghum (milo). Sorghum is a grain devoid of gluten and has a smoother blood sugar behavior than other grains.

Therefore it might be used as a substitute for meat. The next component is barley, a starchy grain that provides fiber and other beneficial elements. Aside from its energy content, the nutritional benefit of this cereal grain to a dog is, however, relatively low.

Brewers yeast, which can cause controversy, is the seventh ingredient. Despite being a byproduct of the brewing process, this substance is loaded with beneficial minerals and nutrients. Fans say that yeast strengthens the immune system and deters fleas.

Yeast components, according to some, may cause allergies. This might be true, but only if your particular dog is allergic to the yeast directly (as with all allergies). A loud minority also maintains that yeast can raise the chance of acquiring the potentially fatal illness known as bloat. However, we haven’t been able to do any research to back up this assertion.

In any event, yeast can still be regarded as a nutritious addition unless your dog has a specific allergy to it. More importantly, while assessing the accurate meat composition of this dog food, it is essential to take into account.

The fact that brewers yeast comprises roughly 48% protein. Flaxseed, one of the best plant sources of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, is the seventh component. Since flax seeds have been ground into a meal, they are also a fantastic source of soluble fiber.

When assessing the accurate meat composition of this dog food, one must consider that flaxseed has roughly 19% protein. Menhaden fish meal, another meat concentrate high in protein, is the ninth ingredient. Commercial fish operations’ “clean, dried, ground tissue of undecomposed whole fish and fish cuts” is used to make a fish meal.

The list continues with several other entries after this. But in all honesty, components that are this far down the list (apart from nutritional supplements) are unlikely to impact the Bully Max product’s overall rating.

The first is an unidentified (wet or dry?) kind of shell-free egg called egg product. There are wide variations in quality. Even from commercial hatcheries, lower-quality egg products might be derived from eggs that did not hatch. In any case, eggs are very high in biological value and are simple to digest.

Then there is the menhaden oil in this dish. Small ocean fish called menhaden are linked to herring. The EPA and DHA types of omega-3 fatty acids, two premium fats with the best bioavailability to both dogs and people, are naturally abundant in their oil.

Menhaden are less likely to be subjected to mercury contamination in their environment at mid-depth than is typical for deep-water species. We also see that this recipe contains dried fermentation products.

Usually, fermentation products are added to give the animal enzymes to help digestion. Then, this dish includes chelated minerals, which are minerals that have chemically bonded to protein. They are thus simpler to assimilate.

Better dog meals frequently contain chelated minerals. Finally, this recipe contains sodium selenite, an aggressive selenium mineral form. Regarding nutrition, selenium yeast looks to be a more natural source of selenium than sodium selenite.

Nutrient Analysis

Bully Max Performance Dog Food appears to be an above-average dry product based solely on its components. A reading of 33% for dry matter protein, 22% for fat, and an anticipated 36% for carbohydrates are shown on the dashboard.

The brand’s average protein content is 34%, and its moderate fat content is 25%. These numbers point to a 33% carbohydrate content for the entire product line. And an about 74% fat to protein ratio. High-quality protein Fatter than average.

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In comparison to conventional dry dog food, it also has carbohydrates that are below average. This seems to have the profile of a dry product with a large amount of meat even after considering the brewer’s yeast and flaxseed’s ability to increase protein levels.

  • More calories per cup than other meals in its class
  • Excellent  food for gaining weight in Pitbull puppies
  • Up to 30% of the protein is naturally generated
  • Providing your Pitbull all the energy he needs.
  • It is expensive.

Editors Rating

4.6 Out Of 5 Stars

Product Comparison

High-Performance Bully In terms of biology, a particular dog food brand is suitable for adult dogs and puppies. A pet nutritionist assisted in creating the product, which a veterinarian then examined. The company makes dog food formulations with just premium ingredients, free of any artificial additives or chemicals.

The item is dehydrated and ideal for all phases of life. It also strengthens the digestive system and calms an upset stomach. Due to using chicken that has undergone minimum processing and dehydration, the product has a fantastic meaty flavor.

The protein content of Blue Buffalo Wilderness is high. It is free of grains and has actual chicken as its main component. Because they are crucial in helping Pitbull puppies develop powerful muscles, dry diets high in meat are a particular favorite of Pitbull puppies. Additionally, the Buffalo Wilderness food for Pitbull puppies lacks artificial tastes and preservatives, allowing the puppies to enjoy natural food the way nature intended.

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A Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food is a well-known company that produces dog food and accessories. It is a meat-based food that provides all the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your dog needs to maintain a healthy diet. Because it is meat-based, it contains more calories and lasts longer.

Pitbulls respond best to Bully Max’s high performance because it gives them the power to stay safe and healthy. This food contains meat, which is the best source of protein for dogs and is its best feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Bully Max Dog Food Been Recalled?

Bully Max Dog Food has never been identified, so no. Reputable internet sites such as the FDA, AVMA, and Dog Food Advisor claim that Bully Max products have never been identified. Bully Max excels in this area, while most dog food manufacturers struggle to maintain high safety and quality requirements. Dog owners must continue to monitor the news for any new information on product recalls.

Is Bully Max Dog Food Worth it?

Bully Max Dog Food is indeed worthwhile. Because it includes a lot of protein and fat, Bully Max Dog Food is one of the market’s best dog feeds. Bully Max Dog Food allows pet owners to subscribe like its rivals. Customers have the option of receiving pet food at their doorstep along with significant discounts thanks to this. The subscription options are currently only available in the United States. You can always choose packages from Amazon or Chewy if the subscription bundle is not something you are interested in.

Do vets recommend Bully Max Dog Food?

Yes, a vet has approved Bully Max Dog Food. Bully Max provides meals designed to fuel performance. The main ingredient in them is chicken. This gives the dish a great chicken flavor and promotes healthy weight gain and long-lasting vitality. Additionally, none of their products contain soy, maize, wheat, or artificial flavors to facilitate smoother digestion.

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