Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set (Full Review)

With the Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set, a four-pack of practice jumps that assemble and disassemble quickly for storage or travel; your active dog will be in agility bliss! You may take them to any place, including the beach and parks.

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They have a permanent base and are freestanding, making it simple to set them up indoors on wet days. To work on distance training, arrange them in a row, put them in a square, or include more jumps in your agility course!

A Pawise Jump Hoop Dog Agility Starter Equipment is one of the best starter kits available, and it’s also reasonably priced. It only has the bare essentials. This works great even for backyard playtime with your dog and kids. It won’t break the bank and provides everything required for instruction and primary use.

Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set

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  • 4 Jumps With 36in Long Bars
  • Very Portable As Well As A Carry Bag
  • Original Travel Jump Set
  • Bottom Bar Is Fixed For Stability On Any Surface

Included is a 3-foot tunnel with a closed chute, a 36-inch broad adjustable bar jump, six weave poles, a tire jump, a PVC Pause Box, and several other obstacles. PVC-made barriers that are portable and simple to reposition.

The 36″ broad bar jump features an adjustable 26″ leap height. The weave poles are 33″ tall and 24″ apart. The 24″ diameter tire used for the tire jump can be modified in size. The tunnel is 22 inches wide and 3 feet long. The detachable chute has a length of 8 feet. A PVC frame measuring 36″ square houses the Pause Box.

It comes with simple-to-follow assembly instructions and is shipped half-assembled. It’s easy to make and disassemble for storage or travel. Its total weight, including the tunnel, is about 30 pounds.

Excellent value and caliber! Most dogs of any size can wear this collar, except for the larger breeds. PVC bases can be used outside and indoors on their own. Additionally, a sizable, durable carrying bag (38 x 30 x 3) and decorative vinyl tape are provided. The component must be placed together. With the accompanying vinyl tape, you can customize the unfinished object. It was produced in the US using 34″ of furniture-grade UV-resistant PVC.

The tenth position of reviewed products is another low-cost option for pet owners. The total weight of the four-piece, collapsible, and adjustable jumps of the Travel Jump Set is fourteen pounds. The width of the leaps is three feet, while the height can be anything from four to two feet.

The bases can be used indoors or outdoors, and each jumper has its vinyl storage bag for easy portability. They are fabricated using furniture-grade PVC. Travel Jump Set is the ninth-best agility course because of its emphasis on jumping. When the dog brushed across the jumps, they collapsed too quickly for our liking.

The Travel Jump Set’s ease of assembly and understandable directions allowed for speedy setup. As for height, there was a good spread. We were unhappy because of how easily their dog may crash through the jumps if it missed.

This wasn’t very pleasant after a time, especially during workouts. You could do much more destructive than this if you’re looking for fun stuff for your dog to do in the backyard, but if you’re serious about training, you might want to seek elsewhere.

These jumps are effortless to set up and tweak. The bag they come in is fantastic since it streamlines the process of putting up and taking down the tent. My dogs have their ideal pole heights marked, so adjusting the flowers won’t take long. The process of resizing is straightforward.

  • Very easy to set up
  • Easily able to make a hop
  • For beginners only.

Editors Rating

4.8 Out Of 5 Stars


The Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set adjusts the 36″ broad bar jump to 26″ 33-inch-tall, 24-inch-apart weave poles. 24-hour “Tire jump diameter can be changed. It contains the 22-inch-wide, 3-foot-long tunnel and 8-foot chute. 36-inch PVC “square Pause Box. It’s provided half-assembled with easy-to-follow instructions. It’s easy to make and store or transport. It weighs 30 pounds with the tunnel.

Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set 2

Comparatively, the Jump Hoop Dog Agility Starter Equipment comes with six hoops that may be easily adjusted for height. Heavy-duty spikes that are included to hold them upright are made of the same material. The 20″ hoops come with a tote bag as well. For medium-sized dogs wishing to train for this particular agility session, it’s excellent.

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To Sum Up

This Affordable Agility Travel Jump Set is ideal for any dog who wishes to leap to its total capacity. This set includes four portable jumps that are 36″ wide and have an adjustable height range of 4″ to 24″. They are perfect for travel and come with a carrying case. These jumps are ideal for indoor and outdoor practice because they are simple to assemble and disassemble.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should my dog jump in agility?

In all Regular trial classes, the next jump height divisions shall be applied: 8 Inches: For dogs whose withers are 11 inches or shorter. For dogs that are 12 inches or faster at the withers. For dogs that are 16 inches or shorter at the withers.

What age should a dog start agility?

Puppy training in agility flatwork and tunnels can begin as early as eight weeks old. However, your dog should be 12 to 18 months old before finishing an entire course. A high-impact sport is an agility.

What is agility jumping?

Some dogs and their owners could decide to take agility jumping classes for fun only. Your dog must wait patiently for the jump command in front of the obstacle, approach the base jump, propel himself over the jump, land, and come to his handler ready for his next instruction to complete an agility jump.

Do dogs enjoy agility?

According to him, most dogs exhibit what can only be characterized as big grins the entire time they move through a course. “They are challenged by agility, which involves how fast and proficiently they can use the equipment, and they are constantly looking to you for guidance.

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